Level 12 - The Escape

"Having finally recovered the Osiris Codex Lara must now make her way back to the surface."

The last level is quite easy if you´re fast enough. Climb up the ladder. Watch the buttons in the floor. If you step on them the statues will shoot several arrows killing you almost instantly. Turn right (1). Jump two times by pressing ACTION. Turn left and walk one only step. Turn right and jump until your reach the rope. Climb up. Walk to the edge. Jump and you should land on the platform without triggering the button. Go to the left side of the platform (2) and step on the button. The platform will rise and the brick in the middle will work as a cover for the flying arrows. When the first arrows have passed, climb to the other side of the platform to avoid the arrows coming from the other side. When those arrows have passed, quickly climb up on the brick in the biddle. Stand on the left side. When the platform reach the top, jump and haul yourself on to the other platform (3). Draw your guns and turn left. Fire one shoot. It will hit a button o the wall and the door to the next room will open. When the platform is all the way to the right, drop down. Climb down the ladder and go through the door.

Don´t pull the first lever in this room yet. It will move the wall in front of the exit and will close automatically if you´re not fast enough. Climb up the ladder and pull the second lever (4). The platform will start moving. Climb back down and pull the first lever. Walk up and jump on to the moving platform. Walk to the left side of it.

When it reaches the far left, pull the lever (5) and quickly jump up on the other platform which will start to rise. Face right and when the platform is on top, jump to the small bricks. Jump until you can climb up the rope hanging from the third moving platform (6). When the platform reach the top get off it to the right. Jump up and walk to the slide rope (7). The button triggers the fourth platform to move. Quickly slide down and drop on to the fourth moving platform. Stand on it's left side and when you are close enough jump to the ledge. Jump up and walk up the stairs. If you weren´t fast enough the wall has blocked the door. In that case you need to go back down and pull the first lever. If you need to do that, on your way up you can skip the slide rope. Instead jump from the third moving platform (the one with the rope) directly to the fourth. When you are fast enough, go through the door.

In the third room you need to be faster than ever before. Tip: when I played on my Nokia 6100 I could hit the keys faster than Lara moved. This way Lara was fast enough to reach the top. So don´t wait for Lara to move before you hit the next key. When you draw the lever (8) the ledges on both walls will expand. Quickly turn around and jump on to the ladder on the first ledge. Climb up. Turn around and jump to the second. Climb up, turn around and jump to the third. Continue until you reach the top. Quickly climb up the ladder before the ledge you stand on will decrease in size. When you reach the top, go through the door and end this game.

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Level 12 - The Escape