Level 10 - Caverns Of Horus + The Lost Tombs

"Lara finds herself squinting against the desert sun that streams into this chamber, roughly carved from the sheer cliffs."

Don't pick up the Medi-Pack! You will need it later. You can see a lock, but you donīt have the key yet. Climb down the ladder and push the brick (1) to left. Climb up on it and jump to the ledge. Drop down through the narrow hole. Pick up the Medi-Pack and pull the lever (2) (cut scene: a brick moves revealing a door by the place from where you dropped down). Climb up and walk right. Even though there are arrows flying, don't run! You will only end up in the pit with spears. They will hurt you more. Be careful not to simply walk straight in to that pit. Jump to grab the brick. Turn around to jump to left. Go through the door (3) and enter the Lost Tombs. In the next room, drop down to grab the platform with the spears. Drop down and kill the soldier and the snake. Go left and drop down. Push the brick (4) only once. Otherwise it will trigger a button and you will die by the spears coming up from the floor. Climb the ladder and walk to the right. Climb down and pull the brick (5). Don't push it. Otherwise it will trigger a button and you will die by the spears coming up from the floor. Climb to the other side of the brick and pull it in to the room. Pull the other brick in to the room too. The bricks should now stand on each button and you should be able to climb down and collect an Ancient Key (6). If the lever on the right is pointing up, pull it. Some of the spears by the exit will go away. Pull the lever on the left and the brick you stand on will rise. Push the brick on the right to exi this room. Climb up. If the platform on the way to the exit contains spears, shoot to left or right to hit a button on the wall. Now climb and go back to the previous room. Jump to the brick (1) and pull it all the way to the right. Climb up the ladder. Take the Medi-Pack or save it for later needs. Use the Ancient Key to open the lock. Go through the new opening and climb down. Push the brick (1) one time and climb back up the ladder before the arrows kill you. Pick up the Medi-Pack if you didnīt earlier. Climb down to stand on the brick and jump to the other side. Jump up and slide down the rope. Hope your health was at least half-full or you dead from the fall.

Now you need to bee really quick! After you picked up the Golden Feathers (7) press ACTION to jump on to the right brick that moves down. When on it, quickly walk to the edge. When the brick passes a ledge jump to grab it. Climb up and place some dynamite by the weak wall (8) and take cover. Go through the opening and kill the soldier. Climb down the ladder. Pick up the Parchment Fragment, the Uzi, the ammo clips and the Medi-Pack (just like x-mas, isnīt it). Climb down the ladder. Drop down to grab the hand-hold and then to the floor. Walk left until you reach the door. Go through the door and end this level.

Item Code CX7187: An Ancient KeyItem Code CX7187
An Ancient Key

"This bronze key is truly ancient. Looking at the key, Lara hopes that whatever lock it is designed to open has not rusted shut with age."

Item Code CX2322: Golden FeathersItem Code CX2322
Golden Feathers

"A fine example of Egyptian goldsmithing techniques. The intricacy of the work involved in creating the vanes of the feather is truly astounding, giving the impression that the feather is from an actual bird rather than being a man-made object. The base of the quill appears to have been designed to fit into some sort of container. This item will probably have a use in one of the later levels of the game."

Item Code CX2822: Parchment FragmentItem Code CX2322
Parchment Fragment

"This parchment indicates that the golden eye and other items acquired need to be used to complete a puzzle. The inscriptions on the parchment show the order in which the items need to be used."

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Level 10 - Caverns Of Horus + The Lost Tombs