Level 0 - Training

Level 0 - Training

This level will teach you the basic controls to move Lara about. Your aim here is to reach the door leading to the level exit. You need to finish the training level to be able to play any other levels. We decided to add it in this walkthrough even though everything is well explained in the game itself. For the other levels the moves will not always be explained this detailed.

In the beginning you will be explained how to walk. Double tap LEFT or RIGHT to start running. To climb higher walls (1), you need to face in the right direction and press UP to climb it. Haul yourself on to the ledge by pressing UP again. There´s an opening to the right (2). You can't reach the button. Crouch (DOWN), draw your guns (default: 0) and fire one shot by pressing ACTION (cut scene: a block will rise on the platform behind you). You might need to holster your guns to perform some actions. Go to the platform (3) and climb up on the new block. Face right and press UP. Use DOWN to climb down (4). Use UP to climb the ladder. Turn around and use the ACTION key to jump over the gap (5). Use ACTION when in front of the block to grab hold of it (6). You can push and pull the block about by pressing LEFT and RIGHT. Push it against the wall. Release the block by pressing the ACTION key. Climb up. Pick up the Medi-Pack (7) by pressing DOWN while standing over it. Use UP to jump and grab hold of the high wire (8). You will let go at the end automatically. Use the ACTION key when standing in front of the lever (9) to pull it (cut scene: a small ledge appears by the exit). Climb down from the edge (10) and drop down to the ledge. Use UP to go through the door and end this level.

New items found in this level

Item Code GN4700: MedipackItem Code GN4700

"This is a small medical pack that will restore a portion of your health. It is an immediate use item and cannot be kept for later use."

The codes associated with each item in Lara’s possession can be found by selecting the Item Info option on the main menu.

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