Kingpin Walkthrough

General Info and Tips

To take out a boss more easily, use the flamethrower to set him helplessly
alight. He will always run straight towards you, so quickly change to the
HMG or shotgun and give him a blast in the head, then change back to
flamethrower and flame him again to keep him alight -- repeat until he's
crispy or perforated (or both). If you do keep him on fire, the boss will
never get to shoot at you. Just remember to take out other henchmen in the
area first so you can work uninterrupted.

NPC's (Non-Player Characters, the people you meet in the game) react to you
according to your attitude and the weapon you're holding (if any). Keep
this in mind as you play. If you walk around with a weapon out, be prepared
to use it. In many situations, it's a good idea to keep your weapon
holstered until you know you need it. Some of the NPC's will offer to join
you for cash if you talk to them positively. Save your money until you need
one to help you in a fight, and be sure to use them as human shields
wherever necessary (though keeping them alive helps stretch your gangsta
dollar!) To heal your wounded cohort, just point to him and press the
negative key (X by default). He'll stay put, and heal over time. Talk to
everyone who isn't shooting at you. Start nice (positive talk key), but if
that gets you nowhere after a few tries, intimidate them with negative
talk. The most unlikely characters can provide great clues, or leads to
find secrets, if you just try to talk to them. And, if they give you any
lip, you can just bust a cap in them. Don't forget that you can check your
notes on the latest plot twists by pressing the right and left bracket
keys ([ and ]). Press ESC to make the translucent notepad disappear again.

You don't need to press a key to use a key; if you have the correct one it
will just work and you can open the door. The same is true for some special
switches in the game (but not all). If just walking up to something doesn't
work, try the activate key (F by default). Though it makes them scream and
flail about with empty hands, the flamethrower does not make enemies drop
their weapons. So unless you cook them completely, be prepared for them to
(amazingly) start shooting again once the fire is out.

Skid Row 1
(map name: sr1)

You start with a lead pipe, but the crowbar you can get soon into the game
is much better -- get it and use it instead of the pipe.

Use your pipe to smash the boards in the fence behind you (or jump to the
open dumpster lid and then over the fence), then walk down the stairs and
get the pistol ammo.

Walk down the alley and talk to the homeless guy (positive); he'll offer to
sell you a crowbar for one dollar. It's a good deal (the crowbar is better
than the lead pipe), but you'll need some cash first (you start with $0).

Keep walking until you find my man Leroy and his, um, lady friend. They'll
both respond pretty negatively no matter how you talk to them, so kill them
and take their money (crouch + use over the corpse) and go buy a crowbar
from the bum. (If you're really hardcore you can kill the bum and take your
dollar back.)

At the fork in the alley go right first (left is the warehouse and the
guards, right is the punks by the sewer entrance). Wait until the guards
are distracted by the game on the radio (when it is loudest) and then run
for the second door on the left (Warehouse B). If you were spotted, run and
hide -- the guards will come looking with flashlights.

Once you are sure the coast is clear, walk through the overhead door
(activate to open it), climb the ladder to the platform and find the cash
hidden behind a crate.

Open and walk through the next overhead door, climb up the stairs (get the
health on the shelves on the left if you need it), and kill the safe guard.
Then grab the flashlight (on the cabinet), the bottle of whiskey on the
table, and the guard's money (crouch + activate). (You can't open the safe
yet, you'll need to trade the whiskey for the safe combination -- the
thirsty bum on the street has it!). Smash the box on the floor, then smash
the vent behind it, and crawl inside. Keep crawling to the end, and then
smash the vent and drop out onto the floor. Open the door to Storeroom A
and go inside.

Keep in mind that the NPC's in Kingpin aren't nearly as stupid as you may
be used to in such games. If you let the guard get away from you, for
example, he'll go tell his buddies about you, and suddenly you'll be in a
world of trouble. If he runs, track him down like a dog (the blood trail
will help) and finish him off.

Kill the guard inside, and then stand facing the table and locate the vent
duct on the upper-right wall by the tower of crates. Look for a small crate
with a distinct shadow (and a big M next to a picture of a guy moving a
box!) and drag it (hold activate) a few feet around the left edge of the
large crate it's sitting beside. Use the small crate to jump on the first
tower of crates and then jump across to the tower of crates near the wall
and vent. Smash the vent with the pipe or crowbar and crawl inside.

When you jump down out of the vent, you'll land on a shelf holding the
cylindrical coil thing -- get it (you can trade it for a gun at the
Pawn-O-Matic). If you fall down before you pick it up, you'll have to go
back around again to get back up there! After you get the coil and jump
down, don't miss the ammo on the shelf under you.

Climb the stairs and exit the warehouse, running by the guards as needed.
Go back to the first fork in the alley you came across and go left this
time to the Pawn-O-Matic. Activate the speaker by the door, and once you
hear the buzz, activate the door to open it and go inside. Trade the coil
you just picked up for the pistol.

Exit the Pawn-O-Matic and hire the guy outside for $10. Now with your gun
and your thug you can go take on the guards you ran past before. Better
yet, find the thirsty bum and give him the whiskey. He'll give you the safe
combination, and then you can go get the cash from the safe and buy some
pistol upgrades from the Pawn-O-Matic.

Now go back and take the left fork in the alley (keep your gun holstered as
you pass the lady on the street unless you want a fight) to where the thugs
are hanging out around the stairway down to the sewers. You and your hired
hand (and shiny new pistol) should be able to take these guys out. Once you
do, go downstairs and walk through two doors to the sewer. Or just run past

(map name: sewer)

Take the right sewer at the fork (the one marked 1) and continue to the
next fork. Open the door on the right-hand wall and continue walking until
you find the storeroom. Kill the guys inside the storeroom and grab the
goodies: shells, clips, and two medkits. Want something to put those
shells in? Drag the crate over by the shelf and jump up to get the shotgun!

Exit the storeroom area and head back to the sewer, heading straight when
you enter the sewer itself. Take the first right, then a left (down the
sewer marked South R14), and then another right. Finally, at the next fork,
turn right again, climb the stairs, and open the door for the next

The Super
(map name: sr2)

Exit the sewer and take the first right. Keep going to the open street area
in front of Jax's Bar. Relieve the man of the burdens of life (and his nice
wristwatch!). You'll also need to put a cap in his dog, but you can spare
the chick (she'll have something different to say once you cap her man).

Now back up and enter the door by the Danger: Guard Dog sign (up the small
stairs), kill the guy there (and his girl) and take the bullets, shells,
and health from the shelf on the right. The motorcycle is here, but is not
much use without the battery.

Head on over to Jax's Bar and pay the damn $10 to get inside. There are two
goons you can hire (now, or save them for later when you really need some
backup!) and a fat guy in the bathroom who'll trade the storehouse key for
that shiny new watch you just, er, found. Leave the bar once you get the
key (and the goons, if you want them). To cheat and get the key, type give
storeroomkey into the console.

Now follow the alley across the street, between the two buildings, back the
way you came into the area, keeping right. If you need some health, look in
the dumpster you pass. Hang a left and look for the Roof Access door.
You'll have a bit of a scuffle inside, then climb the stairs up to Level 4.

Walk across the plank-bridge and move the crate on the other side so you
can jump from it to the air conditioner above the doorway. Up there you'll
find $25 and some health, along with a crate you can smash to get some

Now jump down and enter the door underneath the air conditioner. Take two
rights and enter the door you run into. Inside, the door to the left is
locked, but you should have the storeroom key now, so just go through the
door straight ahead.

Snag the goodies, then climb up the crates and smash the vent. Crawl
inside and continue until you find another vent. Get ready to bust a cap in
the three guys from the cutscene at the beginning of this level as soon as
you open this vent.

Exit this room by the door, then walk along the hallway to the last room on
the right. Go inside and pop a cap in the guy you find there and then steal
the $100 he has hidden in his fridge.

Leave the apartment of the man who likes cold cash and head back down the
hall, taking the second left, then go to the last door on the right. After
smashing through the boards with your crowbar or pipe, go through the exit
and down the stairs. Take a right and continue down the street, through a
door, and to the next intersection. Which will take you ot the next level.

Mean Streets
(map name: sr3)

Do the little Mario Bros. platform jump thing down the busted spiral
staircase (and pay attention, you'll need to come back up later), then go
through the only unlocked door and down the alley.

Go inside the only building you can, and enter the door to the left (the
one on the right is locked). Head up the stairs on the left to the top of
this building with such great cathedral ceilings. Take two rights and open
the door to find a goon waiting, along with jacket armor, two medkits, and
a couple of boxes of shells -- you'll need them all soon (except the goon,
leave him there).

Leave and head back downstairs; outside the small room take a left through
a door into another room. Climb up the stairs and jump out the window (the
one on the right) and walk carefully down the ledge to the window across
the alley.

Kill the guys there and go inside to get a couple of medkits, three boxes
of shells and some flamethrower gas for later. Activate the switch on the
wall (which unlocks the first door on the right you passed coming into this
building). Then jump back out the window, and fall down to the boxes below
on the street. Go back into the cathedral building and into the door you
unlocked (first right).

Walk down the hall to the next door (the exposed wires in the ceiling are
harmless), and get ready to deal with another bad dog. Once he's in that
great kennel in the sky, smash the boards on the window and jump down to
the street below.

Walk down the street to the door, whopping the pooch with your crowbar
as needed. Then use your crowbar to bust open the floorboard of the
broken-down car, then the crate, to find the ammo hidden inside.

Follow the street to the next door, go inside, and walk downstairs.
Continue down the hall, up a set of stairs, and watch for thugs as you go.
Continue, keeping left, up the stairs, and through the next door. Take a
left down the street, get your weapon out and ready, and enter the first
door you see on the right. Kill them all, and take their loot (armor and
shells on the table at the back of the room). Exit by the door in the rear
left of the room. This will take you (only briefly) to the next level.

The Jesus
(map name: sr4)

Continue down the hall until you find an open junkyard. Show your love for
the ASPCA and perforate the five pooches guarding the yard. The battery you
need is hidden in the trunk of a car in the tower of junk cars on the
right. Climb up the side of the stack of cars that forms a staircase and
get the battery.

If the pooches manage to rough you up a bit, you'll be happy to find the
load of health in the service pit in the garage (activate the switch to
raise the car to be able to climb up the ladder and out of the pit). Even
better, just use the pit as a sniping position to clear out the baddies in
the area (including the dogs if you make them follow you into the garage).
Before you activate the switch to raise the car, climb up the ladder
underneath it as far as you can and casually pick off your victims as they
run around the garage, unable to attack you.

Head back the way you came, through "Mean Streets" (map sr3) to "The Super"
(map sr2). You'll meet lots of new resistance on your way, so don't get

The battery will let you start (and ride!) the motorcycle near the bar
(Jax). Touching the motorcycle will install the battery automatically (if
you have it). Ride off into the sunset and dig the next cutscene.

Poisonville & Louie's Errand
(map names: pv_h, pv_1)

The plot (if you will) for this level goes thusly: inside the happening
Club Swank (map bar_pv) in Poisonville, you find Louie, who happens to be
in charge of all the muscle in town (except, conveniently, for two expert
safe openers with slightly different styles: "Fingers" the safe-cracker
(on the left in the bar), and "Buster" the demolitions expert (in the right
corner of the bar). Louie will offer you a key to Nikki's Production
Facility (and the okay to take over his muscle), if you get his papers from
the safe.

You can either type give safe_docs into the console or do the following to
get them yourself, without cheating: get the key to the electric room from
the office, turn off the power, bring either safe cracker to the safe, then
point to the safe cracker and press Q (command). Now point to the safe and
press F (activate). He'll do his thing, you can open the safe normally,
and then kill him and take your money back.

Here's how to get to the safe, starting from the top of the elevator (which
is down the little tunnel with the two guys guarding it, across from
Louie's warehouse). Be sure to kill everyone on the way, because you'll
have to bring a rather dumb safecracker back down with you the next time,
in the dark (and new baddies will be there no matter what you do!). And,
you've only got two safe openers. Let them both die (Buster is tougher),
and you'll get to see the cutscene "idiot" and the game ends. (Wanna see
it? Type map idiot into the console). Anyway, back to the safe, from the
elevator, go: Up the stairs, then past the ladder and the closed door
(goodies to be had in both, though), through the open doorway. Open the
door, go down and around on the stairs, then a small stairway up, and
through another door. Don't climb the ladder, walk around the barrels, and
through the sliding doors to the outside. Cross the courtyard area and
enter similar sliding doors on the other side (there's armor on a crate to
your right as you enter). Go through the open doorway, up the stairs, and
in the open doorway on your right. Open the door at the end of the hall and
go outside, by the power generator (down the stairs). Keep left, and go
through the concrete pillars, around the stacks of barrels, up the stairs,
and through the open doorway. Climb another set of stairs, open a door, and
then another door (on the right). Voila! The key to the electric room (for
shutting off the power) and the safe itself (which you can't get to until
the power is off).

Hope you paid attention; you're going to have to do that again, in the
dark, facing all new opposition, all while trying desperately to keep your
safe-opener alive. But before you do that, you need to find the door to the
electric room and turn off the power. From the office with the safe and
key, go: Back the way you came (follow the above list in reverse), up to
the outside area with the big power generator. Climb the stairs across from
the power generator, and enter the closed door to your left as you go up.
Climb the ladder, then go open the electric room door. Climb down the
stairs and activate the switch to turn off the power (which de-electrifies
the gate in front of the safe).

Now you're all set to open the safe. Go to the bar and hire Fingers the
safecracker (instead of Buster, the safe-blower). Fingers (the $200 guy) is
the better buy if you can afford it, because he not only opens safes, but
locked doors as well. You know that "Keep Out" door? Fingers can open it;
Buster can't. Inside, you'll find armor and $150. So, with Fingers you pay
a new $50 to get the safe open (same as Buster charges) and free armor
thrown in to boot.

Bring Fingers (or Buster if you just can't scrounge the cash) back to the
safe (use the directions above if you get lost), point to him and press
Q (command), then point to the safe and press F (activate).

Take the papers back to Louie in Club Swank. He'll give you the key to the
Production Facility, and the okay to hire as many of his thugs as you like.
Go ahead, stock up on human shields.

Use the key to open the door by the loading area (guarded by the three
punks) and exit the level. Or, open the first Maintenance door you see
coming down from Club Swank. Inside there's a boarded-up window you can
smash. Do so, climb out on the pipe and up to some nice flamethrower gas,
then drop to the lower pipe and climb up the ledge, in the window, and take
on the three punks from a different angle.

Still looking for the flamethrower? Look around the entrance to Nikki's
warehouse for a room with three exits: two doors and a ladder to a room in
the roof. Climb the ladder, then smash the grate and climb into the roof of
the warehouse. Outside, jump across to the other warehouse roof and walk to
the boarded-up window. Smash through and open the crates you find.

Blanco Industries
(map name: pv_b)

This one's pretty straightforward, and it ends with a tasty boss teaser
bit (he get's away after you whomp him a bit). Here's an overview: get
fuses to start a pump which drains acid from an area with a corpse holding
a key you need to make a bridge across another pool of acid, then ride up
an elevator to a nice big battle and the mini-boss.

There's a nice secret cache of goodies (including the two fuses you need)
behind a locked gate near the start, so smash and crawl into the first vent
you see, jump onto a pipe, walk right, smash your way through two more
vents until you find one on the floor that you can smash and drop down
through. You'll land behind the locked gate.

There's another cache of goodies on this level: from the starting point,
run down the stairs and keep left, pass the covered doorway and come to an
alcove where there are three large medkits. There you'll see a crack in the
wall. Break it and crouch to enter the secret area that has three crates
containing armor. Hopefully, Nicky won't have lit you on fire already!

Take the fuses to the pump and just walk up to each fuse panel on either
side to start the pump and drain the acid from the first pool of acid
(under the pipe you walked along).

Go back to the first pool of acid and jump (or climb) down where the acid
was and get the bridge key from the corpse (cheat to get this item is:
give bridge_key).

Open the gate by the second pool of acid using the bridge key, activate the
switch inside and walk across the new bridge to the other side of the acid.

Activate the tiny red switch to lower the elevator (be prepared to wax the
goon on it), ride up and again be prepared for baddies when you reach the
top. Climb up the stairs and enter the door.

Activate the switch on the wall by the next pool of acid to start the
smasher things moving. Walk across carefully by riding one to the other and
then jump off the other side. There's two ways to go from here -- through
the door on the left to a cache of goodies and back where you came, or
right, past the pipes and through a door to the next area.

Blow up the barrels -- they make nice explosions for easy killing of
nearby baddies.

Round the corner, climb the ladder, walk along the catwalk, through the
door, then another door outside, climb the stairs by the vats, through a
door, down the hall, down the stairs, and up to a door and on to the next
level (after a brief in-level cutscene)!

Lizzie's Problem
(map name: sy_h)

Hey, what a great cutscene at the start of this one, eh? Xatrix has big,
steel balls. Great plot here too, which I will now outline so you know what
the heck you're doing: get a key from a guy in a bar bathroom, get another
key from a corpse wearing concrete shoes, find a boat upon which another
corpse (Lizzie's) rests, and take her severed head back to her ex-boyfriend
(a.k.a. BigWillie) who will give you yet another key, and follow you to
seek revenge for Lizzie.

The first key is in the pocket (presumably) of a corpse wearing concrete
shoes at the bottom of all that water. You'll either have to swim through
several pipes to move from area to area to find him (make sure you come up
for air!). When you find him (hard to miss) at the bottom, whack him with
your crowbar until he surrenders the key (stubborn corpse) -- it's the shop
key (item shop_key) for the Bait shop across the street from the bar.

Talk to Popeye and do as he says (go to the Salty Dog bar, map bar_pv). But
first, load up on goodies: go through the door and past the locked door to
Storeroom B.

Go up the stairs and into Storeroom A for some goodies, then shoot the
barrel to blow a hole in the floor and allow you access to Storeroom B
below for more goodies.

Now go back up by Storeroom A, pass it, walk down the hall to the left.
Stop in the Shipwright's room if you need a pistol or a clip.

The next door leads to a balcony, another door, a hallway, and then a
balcony where the three stooges are hanging out. You can intimidate the
first one, Moe, into backing down (use negative talk), then watch his buds
Larry and Curly kill him for being a wimp.

Larry and Curly won't back down -- you'll have to kill them to get into the
next door, and don't forget to take Moe's $10.

The hall to the right leads to a locked door that you'll go to end this
level once you have Willie with you. For now, go left and up the ladder to
the pawn shop (straight, if you need it), then left to the bar.

In the Salty Dog bar, go into the bathroom (this is beginning to become a
habit :) and talk to Willie and his two goons. He'll give you the warehouse
key (item warehouse_key) so you can go find Lizzie (at least most of her).

Go back to the start of the level, past the first door, and into the locked
warehouse doors (big sliding doors) now that you have the key from Willie.
Kill the three baddies inside and climb up the stairs to the office if you
need health, armor, or gas for your flamethrower. There's also some cash
behind the desk.

Go through the next two sets of warehouse doors and kill the two goons by
the boat. Get Lizzie's severed head from the boat deck, and the shells and
health from the little structure on the boat.

Go back to the Salty Dog bar and show Lizzie's severed head to Willie.
He'll be very unhappy, and he and his other goon will now follow you to
seek revenge (again, why don't these guys lead instead?).

Now that you have the shipyard key, you can open the locked door on the way
to the bar (on the right). Snag the grenade launcher and then head out the
door in the rear. This leads to the next level.

Pier Pressure
(map name: sy_1)

Keep left at the start of this level. Go through the doors, past the truck
(if you have an explosive weapon, you can blow up the truck! It's really a
spectacular explosion, with wheels flying around and everything, and there
are more grenades underneath :)

Either way, you'll score yet another key, this time the shipyard key (you
guessed, it, the cheat code here is give shipyard_key).

The room with the vent hanging open in the ceiling poses another nifty
little puzzle. Just jump on the crates (run up the ones leaning against the
wall, then jump over to the big crate), then jump and run up the vent. It
doesn't look like it will work, but it will.

Past another vent-climb, you'll find a fork in the vent. Straight goes to a
vent facing down, which leads to the roof, and a nasty drop to either side.
Left in the vent leads to the storage room with the armor on the shelf
that's too high to reach from the ground.

Once you have the shipyard key, go to the big boat (not the little dingy)
and kill everyone. Only when everyone is dead will the magical door to the
boat open (not the one marked "security" -- it never opens -- the other
one). This includes the thugs up on the railings, and the ones hiding
behind the crates, and -- hell, just kill everyone!. Some people have
reported that the door does not open, even after they are sure everyone is
long deceased. If this happens to you, just use the noclip cheat to walk
through the door and into the next level!

Das Boot
(map name: sy_2)

That's German for "The Boat" if you're curious. And a big boat it is. It's
loaded with weapons, ammo, and armor too, so scurry about, up and down the
corridors, and stock up (you'll need it for the boss as the end of this

There's plenty of heavy opposition wandering about, but to get to the boss,
you need to get into the Engine Room, but the door is rusted shut. Make
sure you pick up the copper-colored oil can from one of the storage rooms
(on a shelf to the left), or use the cheat give oil can, then activating
the Engine Room door will play a little oilcan sound and open it right up.

Keep working your way in, killing the badasses and dropping down below the
catwalk (and going back up again) as necessary. It's linear, so you can't
miss if you just keep moving the same direction.

Though it's hard to tell a boss in Kingpin the usual way (i.e. look for the
HUGE enemy), which is a refreshing change, you'll know this guy when you
pop three rockets on his forehead and he runs off. Keep at it, there's no
magic required to take him down, but it does take a lot of ammo.

Backtrack to reload, heal, and get new armor as necessary. He will follow,
so don't get careless.

Steel Town
(map names: steel1, steel2, steel3)

Talk to the bartender in the bar (The Boiler Room, map: bar_st) to hear
about the latest plot thickening (which happens to be your mission for this
map). The story: bartender's brother is held prisoner at the steel mill.
Bring him back (dead or alive works out the same), and you get a key to
move on to the next level.

Before you leave the Boiler Room bar, be sure to talk to "Momo", the
funniest bar doorman in the whole game. The humor (and the amazing scenery)
will help get you through the LONG walks through Steel Town you'll be
taking (though it's all pretty linear, so just keep trying doors -- the
one that opens is the right one).

Stroll all the way to the other side of the map and find the only unlocked
door there is (at this point) -- it's marked "Moker's Steel". This door
will take you to the next map, "Steel Mill" (map steel2).

The only tricky part about the Steel Mill is jumping across the vat of lava
(after you raise it by activating the tiny red switch on the platform
beside it). Keeping alive isn't easy, but at least it's straightforward :)

On the next map, "Steel Processing" (map steel3), there's no tricky
part, unless you already forgot what you learned when you came across the
vat on the last level. That's right, there's a little red switch that
rotates the hanging concrete plank above the flatbed trailer (think you
should walk across it? I do).

Fight your way to the back (again, all linear) of Steel Processing and look
for the guy who is not holding a gun. He's David. If you don't want the
headache of babysitting this guy (you can't go on to the next level until
he's dead or in the Boiler Room bar), you can pop a cap in him now and head
back to the bar. If you can keep him alive, however, you'll find that he's
pretty handy with locks, and can get you to the armor in the basement of
the Pawn-O-Matic and the machine gun in the locked storage room.

Once David is dead or safely with you, the bartender will give you a key
(item office_key). As mentioned above, David's pretty handy both with a gun
and locked doors, so you may want to keep him around. You can tell David
and your other gang member to wait outside the bar while you go in (point
to him and hit the negative key). You can get the key from David's sister,
the bartender and then pick up David again on the way out (point to him and
press the positive key).

After you get the office key from the bartender, go to the office, then go
downstairs. Blow up the barrels in the next room to lower the walkway, then
climb on up and out to Moker's Shipping, and the next level.

Moker's Shipping
(map name: steel4)

Overview: load up on ammo and blast your way to the little mini-boss guy at
the end of the level. He's packing a rocket launcher, and he's pretty
tough. Take him out, watch a nice looking train ride by, and then off you
go to a cutscene and the next level.

Right at the start is a door marked "Keep Out". Go inside, load up, and
head right back out (as if anyone could resist a door with such a sign).
You'll need the ammo.

Stuck after you find out Moker is not in his office? Look for some barrels
on the catwalk above the side exit from his office. You can shoot them to
get them out of the way.

(map name: ty1)

Overview: Leave the train and watch your back. Go get the spare valve
handle (the wheel thing) and take it to the valve in the sewer room. Put it
on, crank it open (activate it), and go on to the next map.

The door at the end of this sewer (marked East D51) is locked, so activate
the switch and climb up the ladder you'll see on your right about half-way
down the sewer. The room you climb up into is where the broken valve handle
is. There is also a working valve handle here, but turning it just closes
the door you came through.

To get past the train wreck in the tunnel, walk up the tunnel to the first
two connected train cars. Look between them and you'll see another wheel
shaped switch. Activate it, and the second car will roll down and clear a
path through the rubble for you.

Walk past the rubble, watching out for the baddies hiding in the alcoves
and doorways (there's tons of goodies in one of those rooms, so go load up
if you need it).

Once you release the car and clear the tunnel, go down as far as you can
into the tunnel. Then you can duck underneath a boxcar, go left, and then
jump into the boxcar to get some armor and bullets.

Keep walking down the newly cleared train tunnel and enter a door on your
left to get the spare valve handle. Take this back to the little room above
the sewer and just walk up to the broken valve handle. It will be installed
automatically, and open the previously locked "East D51" sewer door below
you. This leads to the next level.

Dark Passage
(map name: ty2)

Overview: flip some switches, avoid being run over by a train (you can
outrun it!), and move on to the next level.

Follow the tunnel down, into the water, and up the two ladders on the other
side. You can't pass the barrier on your right yet, so go left across the

Go down the tunnel (watch out for the train: run the other way and slip
into a doorway if it comes!) and jump off the cliff to the left into the
water by the waterfall. Swim to your left.

Ignore the door -- it leads back to near the start. Instead, push the crate
under the broken stairs/ladder and climb up (jump and run). Don't forget
the goodies on the crate in the next room.

Activate the switch in the room above the broken stairs. This opens the
barrier by the train tunnel next to the waterfall. Go there, walk to the
end, open a few huge doors by activating the switches on the wall, and move
along to the next level.

(map name: ty3)

Start by activating the switch in front of you to open the big door to
your left.

Go through and climb the big ladder at the end of the tunnel. At the top,
find and activate the switch on the control panel, which will raise and
move the concrete block from the truck (which was preventing you from
jumping across to the walkway on the side opposite from the ladder).

Jump across the open area on the flatbed trailer where the block was and to
the walkway/ledge on the other side. Go through the door on the left, then
another door, and walk out into the trainyard.

The train car in the second row, on the left (with the two goons guarding
the door) opens, and has a nice cache of goodies inside. The other cars do
not open, but the one on the far right has a ladder on the back of it.

Climb the ladder on the back of the far-right train car, then jump your way
back, from car to car, to the concrete walkway above the door you entered
the yard from. The jumps look far, but are pretty easy if you make sure you
don't jump too soon.

The door on the right leads back where you came from (was locked on the
other side), so go left and jump/climb down into the crate room. Move the
crate on the left into the far right corner and climb up the crate tower
for some grenades.

Exit the crate room using the door on the far left (relative to your
entrance). Activate the switch there, and walk through the big door that
opens when you do.

At the next set of train cars you'll need to pull the old "release the cars
trick" again. Look for a wheel-shaped switch between the cars and activate
it. One car will roll away, revealing a ladder on the car.

Climb the ladder on the train car you just let roll, jump off to the
left-hand ledge (behind you after climbing, really). Activate the switch on
the wall there, then climb back on the train and jump off the other side,
to the other ledge.

Open the second overhead door (the one not blocked partially by crates) and
keep walking until you find the room with the two hooks on ropes hanging
from the grated ceiling.

Kill the baddies, then walk up to the control panel and activate the switch
on the left twice. The first time moves the nearest hook all the way to the
left, the second time stops it in the middle. Climb up the hook, get the
fuse (item fuse) and the health if you need it, then head back down.

Go back outside, enter the other door, insert the fuse into the panel (just
walk up to it after you've found the fuse), then climb the ladder that
lowers and walk across the catwalk.

Walk down the stairs (don't miss the clip hidden under the stairwell if you
need ammo), walk outside amid still more trains, and keep right, walking
down the tunnel where you'll find another switch to open a huge door which
leads to the next level.

(map name: ty4)

Overview: move the train cars to get out of the yard and then kill everyone
to move on to the next level.

Take the stairs on the far right up to the train control booth thing. There
are three switches on the panel. The leftmost switch moves the near car to
the right, revealing a broken switch. Ignore it. The middle switch moves
the middle car left, and the rightmost switch moves the farthest car to the
left, opening up a tunnel on the far left. Go through that tunnel.

Climb the ladder on the train car and walk along the train. Jump off to the
crates on the left for some health, and get back on and jump again to the
other crates (or move a box) for some shells.

Enter either overhead door on the left side of the tunnel and climb the
ladder to your immediate left. Activate the switch (the one that works when
you try it) and then head back out the way you came in, to the overhead
doors on the other side of the tunnel.

Here you must kill everyone for the level to end. When it does, you'll see
the next cutscene, "The Picnic" (or use map kpcut4 to see it anytime), and
then go to the next level.

Radio City Station
(map name: rc1)

Hey! You might want to put your gun in the holster -- you're in a subway
station! Take the escalator up and talk to the two guys at the top --
POSITIVELY. These guys are Patrick and Butch, members of the local gang
"The Jokers", and if you want to hire any local muscle (or complete the
level), you'll have to pass their little "test", or cheat by using a pistol
with a silencer mod attached.

Relative to where you were standing when you came up the escalator, your
victims are to the right. Though both Patrick and Butch appear to be
completely incapable of pointing or otherwise indicating where the three
freaks you're supposed to crowbar to death are located, you'll know you're
going the right way when you hear one of them yell "Don't forget: No
Shooting!" Note that a silenced pistol sounds just like a crowbar, so feel
free to use your pistol instead of the crowbar if you have the silencer mod

When the Jokers tell you to kill the sewer freaks with only a crowbar, you
can do so without taking any damage (even without a silencer) this way: Go
through the vent to the area where the freaks are, cross a walkway over a
concrete trench-type thing, and then turn right. At the end of that hall is
a ladder leading down to the aforementioned trench, and when you reach this
ladder the sewer freaks will see you and begin to attack, one at a time.
Stand or crouch right at the top of the ladder and crowbar the freaks as
they try to climb up. They won't be able to touch you and you can just keep
whacking them back down as they near the top of the ladder. Cheap, but it

Here's another, even more hilarious way to off those bums without firing a
shot: Run along the pipes in order to get the first goon's attention. He
will chase after you. When the goon chases after you, walk along the pipe,
through the broken grate (avoid the train), and run up the ladder to the
left. This takes some timing to get the goon to follow you so that when the
train comes by, he gets hit by the train. Do this two more times for the
other goons.

If the next level loads, you went the wrong way. Walk down the stairs and
look for a vent at floor level on the third landing from the bottom of the
staircase. Smash it open and climb in. Watch for the train when coming out
the other side! It's timed to cream you if you don't wait a second.

When you drop out of the vent, ignore the ladder and balcony straight
ahead. Instead, run to the left, and to another ladder and balcony on the
same side of the tunnel as the vent you came out of. Climb up and go into
the tunnel.

Crowbar the three goons hiding in the sewer down there (don't use any other
guns or you'll fail the "test"). To leave, drop down onto the huge pipe
that runs horizontally on the wall of the bottom level. Walk along the
pipe, through the broken grate (again, avoid the train), and climb the
ladder on your immediate right.

Watch out for those annoying rats, then time your jump across the tunnel to
the pipes on the other side to avoid becoming a bug on a train's
windshield. Smash the vent and climb in.

Jump into the water, climb the ladder, and crawl through another vent to
drop out back near where the level began. Go left to see Patrick and Butch
again), get them to follow you (why don't THEY lead??), then come back to
the previous vent and go through the door there to the level. (That's the
same door you'd hit if you went left, instead of right, after coming up the
escalator at the beginning of this level).

Enter the Dragons
(map name: rc2)

Walk out of the station and out onto the street to meet a man in front of
you and a few "ladies" behind you. He'll kindly refuse to join you if you
talk to him, while the chicks will open fire even if you're nice. Deal with
them as you please, then walk to the other side of the city, keeping right,
and look for three fire escapes on your right.

You can climb the first fire escape and walk across the clothesline to some
health on the other, then jump across, or get down and just climb up, to
the far fire escape, the one closest to two walls.

Climb on the rail of the fire escape and then jump onto the roof (you can
also do a similar climb up to the roof behind you, though it's less
obvious). Go down and keep walking along the balcony until you see a gray
level on the wall to your left, next to a raised trough-like drawbridge
thing (has anyone ever seen such a thing on a real building? what's it
for?). The switch opens the overhead door across the street, which you
could get to if the bridge were down (the switch to lower the bridge is on
the other side).

Walk back to the fire escape to where you climbed onto the roof and go the
other way I mentioned. (As you come up the ladder, turn around to face
behind you, look to your right and jump up there). Follow the catwalks (and
kill everyone) and you'll come across that door you opened and the bridge
that you couldn't lower. Now you can lower it, or just go in the over head
door to the left.

Walk to the end of the bridge and activate the switch on the wall. It's a
dead end (but the switch just opened the door you need to enter), so head
back or jump down to the street, find the newly unlocked overhead door
(there's only one), and go inside for the next level.

Streets of Fire
(map name: rc3)

Activate the switch to open the overhead door, and then watch the street
fighting begin! Take them all out, and be especially careful dealing with
the sniper up high on the far right building balcony.

Walk to the end of the street, past the newsstand and the overhead door.
There's not much to do in Central Square besides shoot out the windows in
Hopper's Cafe Bar (which is quite fun), so keep moving toward the end of
the street.

Make light work of the two thugs and rocket-boy on the way to the end of
the street, and then head into the small door at the end. The chick here
will say something about weapons hidden near by, and they're hidden in a
little room under the stairs behind her.

Climb up the stairs to the roof. Before going up the billboard ladder, peer
over the edge so the thug downstairs sees you. Kill (do not destroy) him
when he comes upstairs. He's got $50 on him.

Climb up the ladder on the back of the billboard sign, then walk along the
sign and jump to the higher roof portion ahead and to the right a bit. Then
take a running leap off the roof where the railing is missing and land on
the balcony across the street.

Go left on this balcony, then keep walking balconies until you find a big
water tower (and some gunfighting action). Jump up on the platform that the
water tower is on (no need to try and climb the tower itself), and drop
down on the other side, where you'll find a lady guarding a switch. Kill
her, then activate it.

Cross the bridge and go left (the door to the right leads back to the
street by the newsstand). Open the overhead door and watch out for the
grenade-lobbing lady on the other side. Dispatch her, then walk to the end
of the bridge and activate the switch to ride the elevator down and on to
the next level.

Skytram Station
(map name: rc4)

Head straight into Radio City Bus, Mulber Station, then hang a right and
look in the back of the truck for some health and ammo. Head back out from
the bus station, pick up the cash from the dumpster, and get ready for a
gang fight.

Keep walking into Chinatown (or at least it looks like Chinatown), climb up
the first stairs you see and head into the room marked "Keep Out" for a
nice cache of goodies. The door is locked, but notice the crack in it, so
give it a few shotgun blasts and it's out of your way.

Climb up some more stairs and walk along the white block halls for a bit.
Enter a small door to the right, go around the corner, and then in to the
Typhoon Bar (map bar_rc).

You can't hire any goons in this bar unless you joined the Joker gang by
crowbarring the three guys back on map rc1, but you can go into the
doorway, to the right, and buy a SkyTram ticket from the scalper for $50.
You need it to get past the steel grate door in the alley.

Don't answer the ringing phone if you want to live. (Okay, so save just
before you do, just to see it -- I know you can't resist).

You can exit the bar from the basement (where there's another goon for you
if you're a Joker), then walk right down the street to the alley with the
steel gate and the lighted panel. If you've got the SkyTram ticket, you can
go right in.

Walk up past the SkyTram to the other side of the area, jump on the
railing, then onto the ledge, and down into the pipe below it.

Central Towers
(map name: rc5)

Follow the sewer to the ladder on the far left, then climb up to the ledge
and turn right and through an overhead door to load up on weapons and ammo.

Either way you walk from here, you'll end up in front of Central Towers
(a very well-done skyscraper map), but not before an onslaught of goons
attacks you from high and low. Kill them all.

Enter either door of the building, go straight to the door in front of you,
and prepare for the first end boss sequence.

Crystal Palace East
(map name: rcboss1)

Down the hallways, to either side, are rooms full of ammo, guns, armor, and
health. There's also a badass in one of them, so be careful, but go load up
on everything. You'll need it.

Activate either button by the elevators and several seconds later the
right one should arrive (the left one takes you to the next and final
level, not counting the final cutscene).

Don't be surprised by the guy in the elevator when it opens. Kill him, ride
up the elevator and get ready for boss number one. He's tough, but he'll go
down with about 10 rocket hits (or 34 or so crowbar whacks!)

Once you finish him off, go back and ride the other (left) elevator up and
on to the next level.

Crystal Palace West
(map name: rcboss2)

Walk straight ahead and wax the dog behind the gate -- they'll be plenty
more where he came from.

Go to the left and load up, then come back and go right instead. You'll be
treated to a short, in-game cutscene here, then you can commence kicking
ass on the game's final bosses.

Bosses? Yep, His and hers, and the thing about the her is: you can't kill
her. I must have pounded 150 rockets in her forehead, and though she spewed
copious amounts of blood, she would not go down.

So, unless you know something I don't, don't waste your ammo on the chick,
take her out, she'll escape via helicopter, and you go on to be Kingpin!

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