Type these in at the Quake 2 command line (press ~)


Command                 Item                    Quantity
give all                All Items               See Other Cheat Codes
give health             Health                  100
give weapons            All Weapons             All/No Ammo
give ammo               All Ammo                100s/200b&c/50g&s&r
give armor              Body Armor              200
give body armor         Body Armor              +1
god                     God Mode                N/A (on/off)
notarget                No Target Mode          N/A (on/off)
noclip                  No Clip Mode            N/A (on/off)


Command                 Item                    Quantity
give jacket armor       Jacket Armor            1
give blaster            Blaster                 1 - No ammo
give shotgun            Shotgun                 1 - No ammo
give super shotgun      Super Shotgun           1 - No ammo
give machinegun         Machinegun              1 - No ammo
give chaingun           Chaingun                1 - No ammo
give grenade launcher   Grenade Launcher        1 - No ammo
give rocket launcher    Rocket Launcher         1 - No ammo
give railgun            Railgun                 1 - No ammo
give bfg10k             BigFu*kingGun10k        1 - No ammo
give shells             Shells                  10
give bullets            Bullets                 50
give cells              Cells                   50
give grenades           Grenades                5
give rockets            Rockets                 5
give slugs              Slugs                   10
give quad damage        Quad Damage             1
give invulnerability    Invulnerability         1
give silencer           Silencer                1
give rebreather         Rebreather              1
give environment suit   Environment Suit        1
give ancient head       Ancient Head            1 
give adrenaline         Adrenaline              1
give bandolier          Bandolier               1
give ammo pack          Ammo Pack               1
give data cd            Data CD                 1
give power cube         Power Cube              1
give pyramid key        Pyramid Key             1
give data spinner       Data Spinner            1


give airstrike marker   AirStrike Marker        1
give blue key           Blue Key                1
give red key            Red Key                 1
give security pass      Security Pass           1
give commander's head   Commander's Head        1
give power shield       Power Shield            1
give armor shard        Armor Shard             1
give combat armor       Combat Armor            1

*The above 8 commands are not activated by the "give all" command.


Cheat codes from Kuhas of the Quake Marines

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I will post more as I find them, for the future releases and updates
of Quake 2. Please do not reproduce an altered copy of this document,
and please note our clan name and URL if you intend to post this for
public consumption. Thank you.


To use cheat codes in multiplayer mode, you must run the server with
the following command: +set cheats 1

I also found the following in the source code, These are not cheats
at all, but seem to be multiplayer actions or communications that
you can do to other other players in the game.


  Pete Nilson sent these too me:
  wave 0 is the flipoff
  wave 1 is the salute
  wave 2 is the taunt
  wave 3 is a wave
  wave 4 is point

  Pete "Mostly Harmless" Nilson
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