#~~#~~#                                                        #~~#~~#
#######                                                        #######
 ##  #               ######                                     ##  #
  ##                ##    ##                                     ##
   ##               ##                                            ##
 #  ##              ######     ####   ##  ##  ##                #  ##
 ##  #                ######  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##                ##  #
  ##                      ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##                 ##
   ##               ##    ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##                  ##
 #  ##               ######    ####    ####   ####              #  ##
 ##  #    #######                                   #######     ##  #
  ##      ##    ##    L E G A C Y   O F   K A I N   ##    ##     ##
   ##     ##    ##                                  ##    ##      ##
 #  ##    #######   ######    ##    ##  ##  ######  #######     #  ##
 ##  #    ## ##     ##       ####   ##  ##  ##      ## ##       ##  #
  ##      ##  ##    ####    ##  ##  ##  ##  ####    ##  ##       ##
   ##     ##   ##   ##      ######   ####   ##      ##   ##       ##
 #  ##    ##    ##  ######  ##  ##    ##    ######  ##    ##    #  ##
 ##  #                                                          ##  #
#######                                                        #######
#~~#~~#                                                        #~~#~~#

SOUL REAVER - Version 8 (Final Version) - ENGLISH VERSION

by Alvin C WebCraft (alvincho@tm.net.my)

Latest Updates : 13th October 1999

HTML : http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Metro/3871/dino.html


Unpublished work 1999 Alvin C WebCraft

This FAQ is for private and personal use.  It can only be reproduced 
electronically.(Please give credit where it's due) This FAQ is NOT 
to be used for PROFITABLE or PROMOTIONAL purposes.  This includes being 
incorporated, reprinted, or otherwise used by magazines, books, guides, 
etc., in ANY way. Please let me know if you want to do anything with
this walkthrough.

This is my second walkthrough. I'm not forcing you to read this so 
don't come to me telling me how I spoil the game for you. As usual a 
HTML version will follow suit in a few days time depending how
complete I want the walkthrough to be. I write this walkthrough the way
I recommend the game to be played. There are many secrets and bonus areas
in this game. Not all will be mentioned 'coz you don't really need those
items anyway. Venture by yourself if you feel like doing so.



• Forewords
• Tips and Strategies
• Walkthrough
• Gameshark
• Note
• Credits


• Forewords


A millennium has passed since Lord Kain set his capital in the ruins of 
the Pillars and began his conquest of the world. His first act was to 
recruit a cadre. Dipping into the underworld, Kain snared six souls and 
thus birthed his lieutenants, of which I, Raziel was one. We, in turn 
prowled the twilight of purgatory building six legions of vampires to 
pillage Nosgoth.

The destruction of the major human kingdoms was inevitable. Within a 
hundred years, humanity had been thoroughly domesticated. To be sure, 
there remained some feral humans scattered across the hinterlands, 
clinging to their hopeless holy war to rid Nosgoth of ‘the vampire scourge’. 
They were tolerated. They made existence for the fledglings more 

After the taming of the humans, our real work began; shaping Nosgoth to 
our will. Slaves built a shrine around the Pillars. A monument worthy of 
our new age. Worthy, of our dark renaissance. Huge furnaces were constructed 
to belch smoke into the sky, shielding the land from the poisonous effects 
of the sun. Never had the world known such a time of beauty. However, 
we grew bored.

We allowed the lesser vampires, the remains of the legions, their intrigues. 
They provided amusement and spice to an increasingly uninspired court. As 
faction fell against faction we bet upon the outcome. We helped and foiled 
plots at our whim. We were the Council and Lord Kain, our only master. 


The humans think it is a poison of the blood that makes us what we are. 
Fools, the blood only feeds the bodies we live in. To create a vampire, 
one must steal a soul from the abyss to reanimate the corpse. It is the 
body that demands the blood sacrifice; our souls gain their advantage 
from the powers of the underworld. As we matured, our earthly bodies evolved 
into a higher form. Through The Change, we assumed the power and nobility of 
the Dark Gods. With each Change, the trivial affairs of vampire and man 
held less interest. 

Always, it was Kain that would Change first. After the master had 
experienced a new gift, one of us would follow, in a decade or so. 
That is, until I had the ‘audacity’ to evolve before my master. I was 
gifted with wings. And for my impertinence I was damned. 

To us the touch of water is agony; it burns our flesh like acid. My 
punishment was to be cast into the Lake of Lost Souls - the execution 
ground for traitors. As my brethren heaved me into the air I could see 
the bemused expressions on their faces. The transitory thrill of 
something new. Then the pain began. Melting, twisting, burning, falling. 
A new experience indeed. Time. I have no concept of how long I fell. 
Only that there was an end to the fall and through the pain I heard a voice. 
At first, I thought it merely the echoes of my own tortured mind, but I 
grew to understand that it was more. Something primal. Something desperate. 
Something righteous. Something ancient. 


The Elder explained much to me. It told me of creation, of death, of 
souls and of hunger. For eons the Elder fed upon the souls of Nosgoth. 
Until, Kain’s empire of vampires deprived the Elder of sustenance. 
For centuries his hunger grew and festered in this place. The elder 
offered me redemption; if I would stalk the material plain slaying my 
former brethren, I would have the chance to avenge myself against Kain. 
How could one refuse? 
Now I stalk the ruins of Nosgoth seeking to destroy my creator. 

(I could not resist from taking these few paragraphs from the official 
site. A beautiful way to start a walkthrough)

You start the game with one of the coolest FMV ever. After being cast 
into the abyss, you are woken... by a voice .... the elder...


• Tips and Strategies

a) Controls

                     Default Configuration.

    L2 -} View Left / Aim                      R2 -} View Right / Aim
    L1 -} High Jump + X / Cancel AUTO AIM      R1 -} AUTO FACE an enemy
          Crouch / Sneak                             while fighting

      UP                                   Tri -} AUTO AIM
 LEFT {-} RIGHT                   Sqr --} Action     Cir --} Feed
     DOWN                                  X -} Jump

             SELECT -} Glyphs     START -} Menu / Pause

b) Planes

Spectral Plane

This is the realm that you have existed for thousands of years. The 
realm of the living dead and the lost souls. In this realm you are unable
to manipulate objects (blocks, switches, levers, weapons, etc). However
you are able to move freely and the laws of gravity does not apply in
this realm. Objects will change and will seem motionless. Water has no 
haft and therefore moving in water while in the Spectral Plane would
seem effortless. In Nosgoth everything is not what it seems - objects turn
into their true form when shifting into the Spectral Plane.

Material Plane

The Plane of the living. Your health is constantly being drained from the
burden of trying to maintain your physical existence. Feeding on the souls
of your enemies is a must to maintain your health. This is where most 
puzzles are being solved. For the first part of the game immersion in water
will cause you to shift into the Spectral Plane. 

Planar Portals

These are the blue spirals on the floor that appear almost everywhere in the
the Spectral Plane. Although you can shift to the Spectral Plane when ever
and where ever you want, these Planar Portal are your only gateway to the
Material Plane. You need in full Spectral Health to do this. To activate a
Portal all you need to do is select the Plane Shift Glyph from the select
button and press your action button.

c) Abilities

The whole story is based on revenge, so does your abilities. Raziel will 
earn a wide variety of tricks as he works his way towards exterminating
the vampire clans from Nosgoth. Once you killed the boss of a level you
will be awarded with a new ability and henceforth open the game even more.
These abilities will be explained as we get along in the game.

d) Warpgates

Just about every clan or territory in Nosgoth has one of Mobius's space
and time traveling machine. Once you visit a warpgate from a particular
area you can come back to that area with ease. Each territory is marked 
by ít's respective symbol. These gates are your shortcut to Nosgoth. Who
is Mobius? That will be answered at the end of the game.

Every time you save or load a game you will return to the same area, from
here you will have to use the warpgates to continue your game. Never save
a game until you visit a warpgate. Locate and open these warpgates by
yourself 'coz they're easy to find. These warpgates will work in both
planes. To open a warpgate one must not only locate the door, you must also
go in and step on the circle altar.

e) Vampires/Humans

Since garlic does not grow in Nosgoth, you have to do it the hard way. 
There are a few ways of killing a vampire. Impaling, sunlight, water and 
fire are the most effective way of killing a vampire. 

Fighting your average vampire at the first stages can be a hassle without
a weapon. If cornered beat the crap out of them till they are stunned. Grab
them (by pressing and holding triangle) and then move and aim to the 
elements that are mentioned above. 

Vampires get tougher as you go further in the game. The worst would be in 
the Aluka area where you have to outswim the Morlocks. Forget about fighting 
while you're in the water. All you can do is aim and shoot. The only glyph
that work under water is Plane Shift and that does squat when faced with 

When you kill a vampire, you have a choice of eating or letting the soul
pass to the next life. Letting them pass would mean that they will not 
appear the next time you visit the area.

The humans have a hidden city in Nosgoth. They think by building a 
concealed tomb they can prevent vampires from harming them...
Yeah Right. A single hit would likely kill these vile annoying beings.
You can suck the souls right out of them (sucking the males seems a bit
gayish to me) or you can just let them go and see what they do the
next time you visit them.

Vampire hunters are humans who believe they're Buffy. Kill them, they
have the same built as the humans. My recomendation is to
R1, R2, L1, L1, U, D, D, D, select X 3 for the Stone Cold Stunner.

f) Glyphs (Spells)

There are seven Glyph Altars hidden throughout Nosgoth. The Glyph invoke 
powerful elemental energies, and cause major damage to multiple enemies 
with varying radius - or area - effects. These Glyphs have to be refilled
by using powerups or bonus area. A low-level spell might cost one glyph 
point; a high-level spell might cost 6 or more. 

The Glyph are listed below in the order that Raziel will most likely

g) Tokens / Power Ups

As you go along in the game you will come across various tokens in all
kinda shapes all around Nosgoth. These will help you in your battle for 


A soul can be found anywhere in the Spectral Plane. They're greenish in 
colour and they float like Vampire Farts. However, they are a necessity
when it comes to the Material Plane. You need to feed ever so often to 
maintain your existence in the Material Plane.

Glyph Energy

These will only appear when you obtain a glyph. They're everywhere and
they come in all sizes. Bluish and Pinkish, these will come in handy 
when you are far away from a bonus area.

Eldritch Energy

These are the rarest of all tokens. Traingular in shape, they are black
with a bluish glow. When taken, they will increase the amount of Glyph 
Points you hold.

Health Tokens

These are yellow swirl that're in a shape of a slice of pizza. take five 
to complete a piece and it will increase the size of your health.
( Swirl - Bottom Left, Health - Bottom Right)

h) Soul Reaver

It's a sword that will be a part of you. It may be the only weapon you
ever need when you have it to full power. More will be revealed as we 
get along.


Unfortunately there is only one KNOWN forge in this game and that's the
FIRE FORGE. Once the Soul Reaver is baptised in the Fire Forge, you become 
one-mean-vampire-slayin-machine. It gives you a devastating Force Projectile.
If you loose it while playing, all you have to do is to imbue the Reaver
with fire and it will return.

i) Fighting

The art of fighting a vampire is and easy one to master. It is best if
you play with an analog controller. Learn to fight while holding R1. It 
is the most powerful skill you ever need.


A vampire has a few weaknesses. Fire, Sunlight, Water and being impaled
to anything would be devastating. Ever so often you will come across
spears, staff, torches, etc. along Nasgoth. 

Since it is very hard to stay at full power all the time, It is important 
that you have a weapon with you at all times. Being blocked by a gate or 
a hill does not mean you cannot bring your weapon along. You can plan
your future fights or ongoing fights by leaving or throwing your weapons
to a specific area.

Pressing Triangle, L2 and R2 together you will be able to aim with defined 
accuracy (while moving d-pad). You can even kill from a distance. 

The strongest and most reliable weapons would be the Soul Reaver. In the
first stages you will only possess the default Reaver. At full strength
you may use the blade as any normal weapon. As you stun your enemy, you
can destroy them "totally" by impaling. 

After you defeat the Morlock Boss you will receive a new gift. The Force
Projectile ability. Now your blade is amplified to the second highest
level. It is death from a distance to vampires everywhere. You can now 
stun your victims without being caught at a compromising position.

To get the highest level you need to baptize the blade at the fire forge.
Once manifest in the Material Plane, the blade can be imbued with fire by
passing it through substantial fire objects (braziers, not candle flames).
You now possess the Fire Reaver, you are now able to project fire balls
and burn your enemy by impaling or projection.

When I say "totally" earlier I meant that some weapons are found impaled
into dead corpses. These weapons are there for a reason. Removing these 
weapons would likely release a far more greater threat to your life.

Now the game does not provide you with any rocket launcher or any other
super-duper-special-weapon for you to use at those dire moments. However,
the game does give you a choice of Glyphs to choose from. Use these when
you are surrounded and trapped or just to lazy to fight. Every Glyph has
a different effect on your victims. More will be revealed as we get along.

j) Puzzles

The puzzles in this game will make your head hurt so bad. There are 
puzzles, within puzzles, within puzzles. The skill of solving a puzzle
depends on how well you flip your boxes. Flip slow, finish slow. Flip
stupid, finish slow. Think before you flip. Not everything is as what it
seem. Shifting planes are the most common way of hiding an exit from you.


• Walkthrough

The Underworld

You are Reborn... these words torment you as you start your journey into 
Nosgoth. As you start the game you learn that you play as Raziel on of the
minions of Kain. Destiny... Fate... bestows on you the wings that surpasses 
your master. Out of jealousy or envy Kain strips you from your gift and 
then throws you into the blackest of all.... the abyss.

A voice wakes you from the slumber. The elder has saved you from total 
destruction. Broken, Humiliated, you seek the only thing that is left..
Revenge. You start the game in the Spectral Realm. 

Every time you save or load a game, you will start the game here. Why?
coz' thats how the game is thats why. Even though you saved the game, lets
say at the Oracle, you will still start the game at this point. Thats why
you have to locate a warp gate before saving or it will just be a waste.

As this game does not provide you with a training option, the Underworld
serves to train you the the vary ways of a reaver. You will be thought
how to feed, fight, jump/high jump, glide, warp gates and to shift plane.

As the learning stage does not indanger you in any way, we will start at

The Stonehendge

The first time you shift plane to the material plane you will find yourself
surrounded by pillars. It looks like some kinda stonehendge kinda thing.
Remember this place well 'coz this is like a crossroads to the Silenced
Cathedral. Take note of the exit with the gate and the strange looking wall. 
Now proceed to the only entrance that is available. Watch out for the water.

Your first encounter with a vampire would be the sons of Dumah. Take note
of the small pool in this room so that you can return here later. After
killing them proceed to the side of the block. The elder will tell you 
that you have the ability to move solid objects by pressing and holding
the action button. Slide the block to the far wall. there's an opening 
at the top that will lead you to the Pillars.

The Pillars

There's is no way into this area. You need the Walk-Through Wall ability.
Take a weapon and proceed to the right of the Pillars Clan building. At 
the narrow stretch you will learn to sneak. What do you do when you sneak 
up to him? If you have a weapon with you and you are facing directly to
him, press triangle for auto-aim and release.

Open the warp gate and then proceed to the suspension bridge. You are 
now at the Abyss.

The Abyss

This is the biggest crossroad in the game. It gives you access to all 
major clans and bonus area. Proceed as the Elder tells you to. Your clan
area is to the west.

Raziels Clan

Jump across and go through the next door. Proceed to the first courtyard.
After you dispose of the vampires the gate will reopen. Next to the exit on
the left you will find a stone block. Drag it to the opposite side and leave
it there for future use. Now go into the next area.

At the very top you will find the warp gate on your right and a door on your 
left. After you activate the warp gate proceed to the other door.

Notice the water area on your left and head to the other door. You have now 
reached the Octagonal Courtyard.

The Octagonal Courtyard

Fight your way to the top of the spiral staircase. At the top you will 
notice a dial in the centre and a switch on the far wall. You will have 
to return here after you get the Constrict ability. Activate the switch
and go across the bridge.

Bonus Area

Once you have beaten Dumah. Use the Constrict ability on the centre dial
to reveal the bonus area.

The Necropolis : Skinner

Nothing much to do here, so just play along until you reach an area with
a block on your right. Pull the block to the left and jump on top to the
next area. 

You are introduced to an image of one of your deadly brothers. Use either
the left or right path to the top and fight your way to the warp gate. 

Go through the only exit available. You will now face a huge lake. Go to
your right and shift the block to the very left end of the cubical. Now
leave the block and head to the centre where you can see slabs jutting
out of the water. Use these slabs to jump across to the other side. Don't
fall in or you will have to start over. Go in to the Large Crypt.

The Large Crypt

At the start, locate pair of stone blocks with the symbol of the Soul
Reaver. Remember this block and head down. 

Bonus Area

After you meet Kain for the first time. Return to this area and use the 
Soul Reaver on this block to reveal a bonus area.

Without a walkthrough you will go nuts in this area. There is no exit
available in the Material Plane. Now stand near the entrance and shift 
to the Spectral Plane. You will be introduced to a new enemy.

Notice the wall on the left. Now it has jut out to provide you the means
to go up. Locate a Portal Plane and shift back to Material Plane. Now jump
to the left side and find a stone block. Move it to the alcove (hole in 
the wall) by flipping it. Once you plonk it in, the gate will rise.

Jump on the beam and head to either end. Look down and you'll see a 
scaffold between you and the other side. There is one on each side. Jump
down onto the scaffold and the other will be raised. Now you are stuck in 
a room a alcove on one side, a huge den in the middle and no stone block
to be seen. The stone block is hidden on the opposite wall. Pull it out and
push it down the den. Flip it so you can bring it to the alcove on the 
other side. This will raise the lower gate.

Now shift to the spectral realm go up the ledge and back on the beam. 
High jump to the raised scaffold (do this in spectral realm or the scaffold 
will fall) and then to the next beam and to the platform.

In the next room you will find two blocks with symbols on it. Fit the 
two blocks into the alcove with their symbols sticking out to open the 
gate. A little flipping is required for the second block.

Now you will see a block on the ledge. Push it down. Now if you move the 
block earlier on like I told you to, this block will land directly on top
of the earlier block. Now jump down to the cubical and move the two blocks
to the right so you can access the Main Crypt.

The Main Crypt

In the Main Crypt. You will probably say "What the hell did I get myself
into?" Don't worry it only looks harder than it is. Look for a switch on
the wall and a lever on the floor. Pull the switch and ride the lift down.

Locate the Engine Room. Find a switch and a crank. Activate the switch 
first the crank. Now you got the engine going ride the lift back up 
and pull the lever.

The floor will now drop. Go down and pull a silver block from the wall.
This will open one of the alcoves to the right of the block. Follow this
path until you reach the lower level. Jump on the ledge and you will
see four wooden beams holding the upper floor and four stone fire blocks.

Move each fire blocks under each beam to bring the house down.

Now if you notice the floor, you will find lines that leads from the fire
blocks to the corner of the centre peice. Fit the four blocks to each
respective corner and the floor will drop another level.

Jump down and follow the hallway to your first Boss fight... Melchiah.

Boss 1 - Melchiah

Look carefully and remember the opening scene. Melchiah is built from
the left-overs from the Texas Chainsaw Masacre. He is slow but he can
pass through walls. Avoid a full direct encounter with him. There is
a lever gate room on each side and a centre spiral cage in the middle.

So how do you fight Melchiah? Run to the side of either gate and jump
on the ledge at either side to access the lever in the area. Hold the 
lever until Melchiah walks under it and let him have it. Timing is 

After Melchiah gets it, jump out the way you came in and do the same thing 
at the other side.

After you impale him twice jump into the centre cage. Act as bait for 
Melchiah. Once Melchiah pass through the cage, jump out and head for the 
crank at the throne area (centre). After you defeat Melchiah, you will be 
awarded with the "Pass Through Barriers Ability".

The Pass Through Barriers ability

Most doors or gate in Nosgoth are sealed to contain or to prevent you 
from achieving your goal. Thats where this ability comes in handy. It is
your master key to Nosgoth. You are able to pass through gates/barriers
which was impossible before. You may only use this in the Spectral Plane
and it does not have anything to do with the level of your health. 

Right at this point I suggest you save your game. You have a choice now,
either to continue with the game or to go for your first glyph. You can
do this later if you'd like, it doesn't make a difference. Come back to 
this portion later if you want to skip and go for a full-fledge glyph
hunt later.

The Force Glyph

As you leave the Melchiah Clan, jump in the water and you will turn into 
the Spectral Plane. There are two gates here that you can pass through. 
One has a Health Token and the other leads to the Force Glyph.

Pass through the gate, and find a Portal Plane to shift to the Material
Plane. In the Force Glyph room push all three pillars so that they fall
to the centre of the room.

Bingo!! Your first glyph. The crappiest of all glyphs. Use it when
you are cornered. The force glyph room has now turned into a bonus room.
(the blue glowing stuff on the floor) Return here if you are in the area
to reimburse your glyph points. Now your whole world change. You will now
find Glyph Energy around those funny places that wasn't there before.

Health Tokens Area

There is a heath token in this area (next to the Force Glyph gate). There
is 2 more that you can get if you'd like. 


The area when you first met the sons of Dumah. The token is in the small


At Raziels Clan area, jump on the block you pulled earlier to get your 
the token.

To continue the with the game, return to the Pillars Clan building. 
Earlier you were unable to go into this building. The main door is
constantly locked. The only way in is to the far right where you can 
phase through. 

The Pillars : Sanctuary of the Clans

Take the Health Token. Locate a Portal Plane and shift to the Material 
Plane. Dispose of the two vampires to open the gate. 

Shift to the Spectral Plane and go either way. Pass through the gates
and shift back to the Material Plane on the next Portal Plane. Now enter
and meet your destiny.... your master.... Kain

Boss 2 - The First Kain Encounter

After the scene, Kain will disappear and reappear in different locations
in the room. To beat him you must hit him three times when he is visible.
Be aware that if you get hit by him you will take in serious damage and turn
into the Spectral Realm.

After you hit him for the third time. Kain will break the Soul Reaver over
Raziel's head and then he'll vanish. Now the "Soul Reaver" becomes a part
of you. You now have the strongest weapon you will ever need. 

Aerial now makes her debut. This room has now turned into a bonus room.
You can recharge your health or glyph points and also information from

Use the Soul Reaver on the door and return to the Stonehendge.

The Silenced Cathedral

From the Stonehendge, enter the canyon on the left and pass through the
gate. Follow the path until you reach the Cathedral's drawbridge. (The 
warpgate is in the canyon next to the drawbridge)

Walk up to the door and hit the door with the Soul Reaver. Shift to the
Spectral Plane and pass through the gate. Turn right and shift back at 
the Portal Plane. There should be two spiders waiting for you. Jump over 
the water and fight your way through till you reach a door. This will
lead you to the Courtyard.

The Courtyard

Please save here. To proceed will take a lot from you. There is a series
of high jumps and stunts you need to perform to get further.

As you enter the courtyard (there's really nothing interesting on the
ground level) look to your right. Jump on the ledge and onto the roof.

Look for the highest roof with beams and a ledge sticking out of the side.
There's is a few ways of going there and it is not that hard. Use the
high jump and glide ability to achieve your goal. 

Face forward and jump for the roof in the middle. Which roof? Well if you 
manage to get here you'll be able to see a small stone platform and ledge
after that. You should be at the centre of the ledge. High jump to the left
ledge so you'll be able to reach the right ledge. There should be a weapon 
here. Now you can glide to the roof in front of you and on to the small ledge.

Once on the small ledge you can see the ledge right across that leads to 
the entrance of the Cathedral. Forget about the middle entrance for now 
(look down and there's an entrance to the left and right) and proceed
on till you see a spider spinning it's web on a human. 

Jump on the left ledge and go up to the Main Room. You are now in a room with
twisted pipes and a pit in the centre. The objective is to get to the top
but you need to get the airflow working at the pit below. Don't jump in to
the pit.

The Main Room

Head to the pipe on the far left and shift to the Spectral Plane. Walk
the pipe till you reach a Planar Platform. (this is though for first 
timers) Shift back into the Material Plane and jump on the platform right
above your head. Follow this path until you reach a ledge with two doors
and a switch. Activate the switch and a wooden bellow will come down.
There are two so you have to activate the other switch. 

Now head to the door on the right. this would be your first Picture-Block
-Puzzles. Shift to the Material plane to complete the murals on the walls
by flipping the blocks. I suggest you start with the one on the left wall 
that is raised. I hope you equip yourself with a weapon 'coz there will 
be 2 spiders here that will drop down on you once in a while. Use the flames
if you don't have a weapon. 

Once you complete the mural a ledge will come out so you'll be able to reach
the final switch (the left door). Go there and activate the switch. Now the
second wooden platform will come down.

Jump on both wooden bellows to turn on the airflow. Jump into the pit and
spread your wings.

The Bell Rooms

Save here. Jump up and you'll be at huge room with pillars (okay everything 
has pillars). The left path leads to a narrow passage that has a bell (bell 1)
at the end, the right leads to a door with white glass door. Go for the
door in the windows.

There are two puzzle rooms here for you to solve before you can do anything.
There's a bell (bell 2) in between the puzzle rooms. Both of them has the 
same concept, flip the blocks into the alcoves to form a conduit with the 
pipes. You will hear a clicking sound if you get the blocks at the right 
place. It is not hard at all, just time consuming. Once you solve a puzzle 
a cut scene will show a glass dome from a future puzzle breaking. Solve 
both these puzzle.

Now here's the trick. Ring bell 2 then run across to the opening, glide 
down and then go and ring bell 1 while bell 2 has still got that ringing 
tone. (hope that makes sense) If you do it right you will shatter the 
glass wall thats blocking your path. Go to where the glass used to be.

There should be a crank on the right wall. This crank will trigger a 
timed door. It will close in three seconds or so. Thats why it is essential 
to break the glass wall. 

Jump on the crank platform, activate the crank and then quickly shift in
to the Spectral Plane. That way the door will not shut and you can glide 
down from the opening. Enter the door right next to bell 1. Go into the 
room with pipes running all the way up.

Valve Switch Room

Now use the pipes as stairs to reach the level above you. Follow the path 
till you reach a Planar Portal and shift to the Material Plane. Now return
to the room with the timed door. 

use the valve on the wall to lock the door in the open position. Head to 
the other room on the other side of the valve room. Open the door and
jump across to the next door. Pass through the gate for another puzzle.

As before there will be more spiders for to kill while solving this mural
puzzle. Once you fit the four blocks into the right alcoves, the other four
will drop so you can complete the puzzle. This will open the structure in 
the other room that has a Health Token.

Now head back and go up the pipes again. From the Planar Portal, take the
first left to a large red gate. This should lead you to the glass dome room.
The domes protect the switch to the airshaft next to it. Your objective is
to shatter the two remaining domes.

Pass through the gate and then shift back using the Planar portal on the
other side. Go through the left hallway to Valve Room 1.

Valve Room 1

There are three valves in this room. Open up the two valves that are
closest to the camera. This will shatter one of the remaining domes.
Now head to the gate and take the other hallway to Valve Room 2

Valve Room 2

There are three valves in this room. Open up the two valves that are
furthest away from the camera. Now all the domes has been shattered 
and all the switches are exposed. Turn on all the switches enter
the airshaft.

As you float, notice that the pipes are not completed. Push the pipes
to complete the TWO connections and then jump into the entrance above
the pipes. 

The Three Pipes Room

Now you are in a room with three pipes facing up on the left and two
huge blocks with switches on the right. The objective is to get all
three pipes working so you can float up. Turn the two switches on the
floor to move the blocks. You now need to get up to the opening that
has just been revealed. Jump on the scaffold to reach the hallway.
Pass through the gate and go down. Switch back to the Material Plane
and turn the wheel. Now head up the other pipes on the right and enter 
the hallway above. As before climb the pipes to reach the hall at the top.

In this room there's a switch the centre and a pile of blocks at one end.
Now pull the block so you can activate the switch. Then pull the blocks
near the entrance you came in so you'll be able to leave later. 

When you pulled the blocks the other blocks fell and became a ramp kinda
thing. Use this as a mean to get to the upper hallway. You now find yourself
in an incomplete pipe room with a switch at the top. Push the vertical to
complete the connection and head up to activate the switch. This will allow
enough pressure to flow into the Three Pipes room. Now head back to the
Three Pipes Room and jump on the airflow to bring you to your next Boss.
Zephon doesn't like to be kept waiting.

Boss 3 - Zephon

Before reaching the lair activate the warpgate and save your game. As you 
enter you will see the body of a flame-thrower with his flame still 
burning. Zephon looks like the Queen in Aliens. He has legs hanging from
the top and a pair of claws to match his ugliness. 

Hang around the legs and act as bait. The legs will strike at you and 
get stuck on the floor. Attack the legs and Zephon will release an egg 
from his mid section. Pick up the egg (eewwww) and run to the torch. Light 
it run back (avoid the legs and claws) and throw the egg at Zephon's head.
Use the L2 and R2 aiming to get this right. You have to do this three 
times to beat Zephon. If you miss and you run out of legs, attack the 
midsection to get your eggs.

The Wall Crawling Ability

After defeating Zephon you will receive the "Wall Crawling Ability" that
will only work in the Material Plane. Now when Raziel jumps onto a wall 
surface, he grabs on with hiss claws. Since your hands are occupied you 
are not able to engage in a combat. Only certain wall type are scalable. 
These walls are normally smooth with lines on them.

The Pillars

You are now a bonafide wall-crawller. You can go for a few glyphs right
now but I suggest you wait a while and get your swimming ability first
so you'll be able to get all of them at on shot. 

Use thw Warpgate to transport you to the pillars. Go to where you first 
fought Kain. Now after speaking to Aerial, climb the column and walk on
the ledge till you get to an entrance. You can take either door. They 
both lead you to the same place. In the courtyard, follow the only small 
path at the left of the gate. This will lead you to the Tomb of Serafan.

Tomb of Serafan

The Warpgate is to the left of the circular pillars. When your done with
that head to the gate in the centre. Shift to the Spectral Plane and pass
through the gate. Use the Planar Portal to shift back and enter the next
door. Pull the block out of the wall and enter the tomb.

The Tomb

So your a Serafan and thats your tomb. What's a Serafan? Go play Blood Omen.
After the cutscene, go to the middle of the room and shift into the Spectral
Plane. You will fall to the room below. Exit through the next gate

Boss 4 - Morlock

Go to the Planar Portal and shift back to the Material Plane. Morlock will
appear somewhere in the centre of the room. He has a force projectile

Jump to the centre and attack him until he is stunned. Run him through 
with the Soul Reaver or just throw him into the water. After you beat him
you will be awarded with the "Force Projectile Ability". 

The Force Projectile Ability

To use this ability all you have to do is to press and hold triangle. 
You can use this ability on both planes. Raziel can now gather a ball
of telekinetic energy and shoot out at enemies or other objects. On impact
enemies (or other pushable objects) are shoved backwards. Fragile or 
breakable objects will shatter at the impact as well. Now your Soul 
Reaver has been amplified with your new ability. 

The Tomb of Serafan (continued)

Use the ability to push the small block in the far wall. Exit the room
through this opening. Make your way to the chamber and into the water in 
another pillar room. Look for a Planar Portal on one of the pillar and
shift to the Material Plane. Jump on the wall and crawl your way up to
the ledge.

Now jump and glide to the pillar on the left. The next pillar has a block
blocking your way. Use your telekenetic powers on it so you can glide to
it. Once there jump and glide to the following ledge.

Hallway Intersection

When you reach the hallway, you will be confronted with a choice of paths
(The stairs lead to a bonus room with an Eldritch Glyph power up. Use a 
projectile on the door to open it). Now head right and pass through the 
gate. Go up the stairs to the room with a cage in the middle of the floor.

Use the Force Projectile to in the Material Plane to push the stone block
against the back wall of the cage. Now pass through the cage (Spectral) and
jump up to the hallway above using the block as a step. Stay on this path 
till you reach a body of water. 

This is the beginning of the Drowned Abbey Level.

The Drowned Abbey / Aluka Level

At the ledge you will be able to see a boat at the bottm. Shift to Material
Plane and glide down to the boat. Move to the higher deck and shift into
the Spectral Plane. You will now be able to jump to the ledge nearby.

Shift to the Material plane and open the door that will lead you to a 
room with 2 doors. (The right leads to a warpgate) Take the left and 
follow the path till you end up at a white door. Use the Soul Reaver to
open this door.

Bonus Area

Return to the boat after you have defeated Rahab. Jump in the water and
look for an opening at the other side of the lake. Follow this passage
to a bonus area.


From the ledge, jump platform to platform until you see a Morlock vampire
on the ledge of the far wall. Dispose of him and proceed on to the ledge.
Follow this path until you reach the drain room. 

Drain Room

Pass through the gate on the opposite side of the room. At the end of the 
hall, pass through another door and into a large room.

Shift into the Material Plane and jump across platforms in the water. Shift
back halfway across to continue. Pass through the door at the end of this 
hall. Pass through two more doors and follow the tunnel through the water and
into the Underwater Chapel.

Bonus Area

Return to this area when you have defeated Dumah. Use the Constrict ability
on the centre pole and it will drain the water from the room beneath. Pull
out the two blocks for bonus items.

The Underwater Chapel

This might be hard but look for an arch somewhere near the wall next to you.
Jump on the arch and onto the next Planar Portal. Shift into the Material
Plane and climb the wall behind you. From this ledge, jump across the 
rafters until you reach the other side of the Chapel. Enter the door on
the left and use a force Projectile to shatter the glass window.

The Drain

On the ledge you can see stone heads sticking out on the right side of 
the wall. Jump on one and on to the other until you reach the edge of the

From here you have to do it right or you will have to go through all that
again. high jump and glide to the roof of the circular building in the 
middle of the couryard.

Jump to the bell tower at the other end. Pull the chain and go down the
staircase through the water and enter the door to the left.

Jump from pillar to pillar until you reach the top one with the Planar 
Portal. Shift to the Material Plane and face Rahab.

Boss 5 - Rahab

Fish and Chips anyone? To fry this fish break all the windows in this room
with the force projectile ability. This will allow the sunlight to pass
through. After defeating Rahab you will receive the "Swimming" ability.

The Swimming ability

Before this immersion in water (in the Material Plane) will cause Raziel 
to shift in to the Spectral Plane. Raziel would only be able to walk on 
lakebeds, canal floors, but he is unable to reach higher areas. Once you
gain the swimming ability, previously unreachable tunnels and platforms
are now attainable. 

It is almost impossible to fight underwater. All that you are able to do
is to use force projectile or to aim and shoot weapons at your enemy. The
best strategy would be to outswim your enemies. You are able to outswim 
and even jump out of the water at will. 

Shortcut to the Skinner Level

Now there is a shortcut to get out of the Drowned Abbey. Return to the 
Underwater Chapel and find the underwater door. Use the force projectile
to open this door.

Swim down the stairs to the Crypts. Take note of the stained glass coz' 
thats where you have to go for the Fire Forge. Locate the exit and swim 
up the ramp.Continue to swim through the Circular Room through the passage 
at the top and into the cave. The exit in the cave is through the alcove 
on the far wall at the upper left corner. Swim up the stairs and you'll 
be at the Skinner Level. Now the choice is yours, you can either go on a 
glyph quest or you can go to the Ash Village and fight Dumah.

The Fire Forge

The Fire Forge increases the power of the Soul Reaver. You will be able
to shoot fireballs at your enemies from a distance. Your Soul Reaver is
therefore amplified. 

The get the Fire Forge, return to the shortcut to the Drowned Abbey. Go
all the way down and look for a stained glass. Shatter it and continue 
down this path until you reach a room with a large fire at the end.

Baptize your Soul Reaver in the Fire Forge by running it through the fire.
From this point onwards you now are now a Fire Reaver. If for some reason
you loose the power, you can power up by runnig it through any substantial
fire (braziers, not candle flames). 

The Glyphs

The Stone Glyph

Return to the lake in Melchiah's clan area (Skinner Exterior Lake). Jump into
the lake and take the first underwater path on the left. Use the ledges to
make it to the top. After you shift into the Material Plane, climb the far 
wall and jump onto the Skull Area Canyon.

The Skull Area Canyon

You would want to check open the warpgate at the top the far left ledges.
Jump into the left eye of the skull. Go down the passage and jump up onto
the wooden log above your head. Then jump on the left ledge. Shift into the
Spectral Plane and jump to the log that moved into your reach. Walk this 
until the next ledge. Look for the next wooden log and jump to it and walk
the path until you reach a Portal Plane. After you shift into the Material
Plane, you have to jump back onto the log and to the log above. Stay on this
path til you reach a set of stairs on the right. Jump on the next ledge and
onto the following ledge. Go through the path ahead.

Skull Area

You should now be at the Jaw area. If you head to the missing tooth and look
across you would be able to see a ledge on the mountain. Jump to it and stay 
on this path until you reach a tunnel.

As you walk, look for the second sets of fire that you pass. Jump on the ledge 
on the right and push the block off. Drag this block to the main chamber. You
need to complete the murals with the six blocks that you have now. Once 
completed you have earned yourself the Stone Glyph.

The Sound Glyph

Return to the Silenced Cathedral and locate the Main Room. (Twisting pipes
and a pit in the middle) Don't float up, instead jump down into the pit 
and find a tunnel that will lead you to the Sound Glyph.

You will reach an area with a window on top. Shatter the window with the 
Force Projectile. Climb the wall on the right. Shift into the Spectral
Plane and pass through the next gate. 

Go to the end and find the Planar Portal. Shift back into the Material
plane and grab the club (mallet) behind you. Now return to the where
you entered the room at the other end and climb the wall next to the
gate. At the ledge Aim the club to the alcove on the left wall. The 
objective is to bring the club to the other side. Since you can't jump
all the way there coz you need to shift into the Spectral Plane.

After you have successfully shot the club there, shift into the Spectral
Plane and jump onto the first pillar. Now change back into the Material
Plane, jump into the alcove and get back your club. Now jump back to the
first pillar and proceed onto the next two pillars. 

At the last pillar, put down the club and shatter the window with a 
Force Projectile. Now pick your club up and throw into the window. 
Don't jump while you are in the Material Plane, shift and jump across.

Now all you have to do is to pick up your club and swing it at the bell.
Now you have earned yourself the Sound Glyph.

The Sunlight Glyph

Return to the Silenced Cathedral. Jump into the moat in front of the 
building and pass through the gate on the right. ( The left leads to 
a bonus area after you climb the wall ) Shift back and swim to the 
canton where you will see a lighhouse.

Walk the ledges until you reach the base of the lighthouse. Continue
on to the next ledge until you reach a door into the cave. Follow the 
tunnel until your outside and you'll be able to see the lighthouse.

Jump across from the ledge and enter the door at the left of the 

The Canyon

Go to the path on the left and enter the first alcove on the left. Enter
the door and follow the hall on the right until you reach the Gas Wheel

The Gas Wheel

You need to climb up the vents in the middle and push down the block at 
the top. Turn the crank and flames will start shooting out of the walls.
Now use the block to jam the wheel by pushing it into the little break
in the track at the corner of the mechanism. Return to the way you came
and head down the path to the left. 

Jump onto the platforms in the water until you reach the lighthouse.
Don't use the stairs. Instead jump in to the lighthouse and proceed 
into the hallway at the bottom of the Piston Room. Stay on this path 
until you reach the Water Wheel behind a double door.

The Water Wheel

Jump into the pit and arrange the blocks to form a conduit between the
two pipes. Follow the pipes to the wheel switch and turn it. The wheel
will not turn if you got the blocks wrong. Go to the other side of the 
wheel. Jump and glide above the steam jets one at a time to reach the
top ledge. Jump on the moving below and as it is at the highest peak
jump onto the catwalk on the other side of the room. Follow this path
and the hallway to the Piston Room. Use the broken stairs to get topside.
Jump across again to the other side by using the platforms in the water.

The Sunlight Glyph Altar

If you did everything right the lighthouse should be working. Enter the
door right after the last platform. (the bottom door) As you approach
the altar you will notice that there is a small crack that allows a little
sunlight to shine on the glyph logo on the wall. All you have to do now is 
to shift into the Spectral Plane just as the light hits the logo. You have 
now earned the most powerfull glyph of all... The Sunlight Glyph.

The Water Glyph

Return to the Abyss (Vortex) where you were sacrificed, jump to the 
second platform. From here there is 2 entrance, one with whats left of
a bridge and two to the left is where you want to go. It's filled with 
water flowing out but don't let it fool you, this leads to a gold mine 
of bonus rooms called the Human City.

Follow the canal to a clearing, turn to the left and swim up to the 
surface. Enter the door near the far wall in the corner.

The Guard Tower

Pull the blocks out of the walls at the top of the stairs and then
stack them next to the left wall so you can jump up to the platform
above. After the scene just jump across to the other side of the 

The City

Follow this path to the right, througha door and then go down the ramp.
Now turn left, got up the stairs and then to the right. Go to the left
through the double door in the room and enter the City. You will see a 
wall with 2 ramps. Jump into the water in front of the ramps.

Shift into the Spectral Plane and pass throught the gate below. Shift
back to the Material Plane, use the force projectile on the circular
gate and swim up the pipe through the huge fan and into the next pipe.
Swim through the pipe until you surface. Jump out of the water and enter
the room at the top of the stairs

Water Glyph Room

Go up the stairs on the right of the statue and jump across the water.
remove the block from the wall and push it into the water. You have to
push the block into the room on the left and then into the drain in the
middle. After the room floods, return to the statue and take the Water

Before you go on to the next glyph you might want to explore the city
for it holds a lot of bonus rooms. The puzzles are very easy so enjoy.

The Fire Glyph

Go to Raziels Clan area. Go to the door that has the stairs which leads
to the underwater shortcut. (opposite the warpgate door) Go down the 
stairs and swim to entrance at the top right corner of the wall. As you 
swim the colour of the walls will change from blue, green and then yellow.
(if it doesn't it means your in the wrong hole boy) you will reach a huge
circullar room called the Cistern.

The Cistern

At the entrance where you came in, grab the unlit torch stick from either
side. With the stick in your hand head up to the room above. Look for 
a hallway that is guarded by two vampires. Enter the door.

At the edge of the hall, aim and throw it across to the pit to the ledge
at the other side. now go back to the circlular room and enter the room 
at the opposite side. 

Turn the crank and quickly turn into the Spectral Plane. This will stop
the timed door from closing. Go through the doors, shift back and jump 
off the ledge into the Fire Glyph Room.

Turn the crank and enter the next room through the recently opened gate.
Now head back to the ledge where you threw your stick. Now jump down to
the pit.

In the Spectral Plane, jump from pillar to pillar to reach the tunnel.
Now go find your torch stick and light it with the fire in the room. 

With the torch in your hand you need to make it to the statue room and
light the statues urn. Jump up to get the Fire Glyph.

The Search for Dumah...

The Ash Village

Get to the Abyss (Vortex), to the place where you were sacrificed. Jump
to the next platform right in front of you. You should see a broken bridge.
Jump into the water and super jump to the other side of the broken bridge.
How to Super Jump? I believe you have to press the crouch button and X 

Continue on and make your way to a city in a canyon. The only way in is 
to climb the pillar on your right side (the tunnel leads to a Warpgate) 
and glide down to the left wall. Get down, shift into the Spectral Plane
and pass through the next 2 gates to get to the Courtyard.

The Courtyard

As you are now facing a courtyard, make your way to the opposite side and
shift into the Material Plane with the Planar Portal. Stay where you are 
and use your force projectile to push the block until it stops at against 
the wall. Shift back into the Spectral Plane, pass through the gate and
jump to the upper ledge using the block you just moved.

Use the Planar Portal to shift to the Material Plane and jump down at the
ledge in front. Go to the end. The exit is at the top right corner. To get
there you need to pull out the block to use it as a step.

Now jump across the hallway onto the next ledge. Stay on this passage and
you will reach the Block Room puzzle.

The Block Room

Okay push the switch at the right of the centre ledge. The whole point is
to get 2 blocks from the bottom pool to the top pool. Use the block flipping 
technique and think before you do it. Place 2 blocks in a row so you can
flip the other two blocks to the other pool.

At the top pool, you should have four blocks. Stack 3 into a tall pile and 
use the last block as a steping block to get to the 3. Now climb up to the
ventilation passage.

The Furnace

From here onwards you need to remember the path you are taking. Why? coz'
you will have to lead Dumah to the centre of this furnace to beat him 
thats why.

Find the Gas wheel and then activate the fire lever on the other side.
This will cause an explosion and a door will be open to you. This hall 
will lead to an upper level ledge of the Couryard. Now push the block
off the ledge and stack the 2 blocks to the only ledge you have not 

Shift into the Spectral Plane, jump to the left ledge and continue jumping
in a circle on the ledges until you reach the ledge above. Then jump
across to the ledge across the room to the Planar Portal. After shifting
to the Material Plane, jump to the ledge with a lever.

Pull the lever to open the drawbridge below. Go through the gate, follow
the hallway and turn right at the intersection. Pull out the block so
you can access the room above.

Jump on the smallest pillar and shift into the Spectral Plane. Jump onto
the next pillar and shift back into the Material Plane. Do this jumping
and shifting until you reach the top and you will be able to jump inside
the square gate with the pillar in the centre.

Push the pillar over and it will get rid of the gates blocking you from
the hall that leads you to Dumah.

Boss 6 - Dumah

Once you meet Dumah he will lie dead on his throne. Pull out the 3 spears
from him and he will come back to life and say me missess you.. then he
kicks your ass. Shoot a few projectiles at him to get the fight going.

Dumah is one of your hardest brothers to beat. He is the brother thats 
very shy coz if you get too far from him he will go back into his throne
and you have to start over. Dumah has this foot stoping thing that
paralizes you. Keep a distance (like a few steps in front so you can 
recouperate from his blows) but keep him in sight. 

Make your very very long journey back to the furnace room, trick him
so he will be at the centre, turn the gas wheel and pull the fire lever.
He's toast and you now have the constrict ability.

The Constrict ability

Constrict allows Raziel to encircle enemies and objects with different
effects. This ability works both in the Spectral and in the Material
Plane. After making one complete circle (by running) around the object/
enemy, Raziel will begin to trail a constricting band of energy. A second
circle and the object/enemy would be constricted. Normally you would
only use it on objects coz' constricting is a hassel and it needs to
get used to. It would be easier if you have an analog controller instead
of the d-pad. By the way small circles. 

Bonus Area

Here is a good place for you to try your new ability. Return to the 
courtyard and look for a staue in the centre with a club in his hand.
Constrict the statue to open the 3 bonus rooms. Before you leave, do
it to the statue one more time.

The Oracle

This must be the hardest of all levels. It is the door that leads to 
your master who awaits you. it is the door to Kain.

As you are leaving the Ash Village, go to the canyon that leads to the
Oracles Cave. (right after the Warpgate) You will see a sundial on the

Use the constrict ability on the sundail so the dail points to the large
entrance. Activate the warpgate on the right, shift into the Spectral 
Plane and enter the opening in the cave wall on the left.

Shift back by using the Planar Portal. Constrict the dial in the middle 
of the room and go to the hall on the right. Pass through the gate and
shift back to the Material Plane on the other side. Pull out the block
with the symbol "Y" and push it to the floor below. Take the block across
from the last and push it in the "Y" alcove. Return to the dial through
the gates and pass through the next gate. Shift back into the Material 
Plane, take the block from the floor, lift and push it in the "Z" alcove.
Now return to the other side, pull the block from the "Y" and push it in
the "O". This will open the large doors. now return to the dial and
constrict the dial to get to the doors.

Go around to the right corner, shift into the Spectral Plane and pass 
through the next gate. Once you are at the top of the ridge, jump to 
the next ridge. jump to the Planar Portal on the right and shift back to
the Material Plane. Now jump back to your last ridge.

Jump across the channel and pull the 2 blocks in front of their closest
alcoves. Once done jump back and use your force peojectile ability to 
push the blocks into the alcoves.

Now you are in a hallway with four pillars. Use the constrict ability
so that the white segmenton the pillars face the centre of the room.
Now return to the Oracle Cavern and enter the double door.

You are now in a room that has a gold contraption with a crucible in 
the centre. Constrict the crucible to rotate the room to your next exit.
Exit to Moebius's Clock Chamber.

Moebius's Clock Chamber

Now you will be in a circular room. The elder will tell you who Moebius
is and what part he plays. Go near the statue and turn the hands of the
clock until it reads 6 o'clock. Jump down through the opening at the
base of the clock to get to the lens room.

The Lens Room
To solve this puzzle simply constrict the four lenses to match the colours
of the symbol behind them. The double lenses must make purple. (red + blue)
After that constrict the around the centre beam to open the door. Now enter
to the Floor Clock Room.

The Floor Clock Room

Notice the 3 coloured symbols on the wall and the 3 coloured dials on the
floor. Constrict on the dials so the colour of the hands will match the
colour of the symbol on the wall. This will align the holes in the door 
so you can pass through. Make your way to the Gear Room.

The Gear Room

Get the gear working by pushing back the 2 blocks, this will dislodge the 
3rd block from the gear. Now the platform to the left will lift and lock.
Jump from the entry ledge to the top of the axle of the left gear and then
jump to the platform on the left. From the platform, jump to the ledge and
on to the pendulum platform. Timing is crutial as you face the door and 
jump to it as the pedulum swings.

Go down the shaft andgo through the hallway. You will see 2 gates with
blocks at the ledge. Don't shift, instead use your force projectile to push
the 2 blocks down. Enter tne room at the bottom of the passage.

To solve this puzzle simply flip the blocks to fit the picture on the floor.
Once done a door will open. Jump down the hole in the hallway.

At the entrance memorize the symbols on the walls. Now go to all the 3 rooms
and turn the dials to match the sympols on the wall. Once you have turned each 
dial correctly, the pendulum in each room will start to swing. Jump on each
pendulum so you can pull the switches at the top of each pendulum. There are
3 switches that have to be pulled. Once done the door will open. This is the
gate to Kain. Once you enter you will come by a few time portals that will
show things to come and things that has passed. The past and the future in
brief. At the last portal, you can find a warpgate on your left. Safe here
before proceeding to your master.

The Final Boss - Kain

Go through the door at the end of the hall to meet Kain. After the scene
Kain will begin the offensive on the lower level of the room. The centre
of the room is a health powerup. Any attack other than the Soul Reaver
will result in Kain laughing at you. You have to go up to him and hit him
with the Soul Reaver. You have to hit him 3 times at 3 different levels.
Once you hit him he will phase to a higher level of the room and a more
difficult place for you to reach. He appears at random places but a 
opposite side strategy sometimes work. Another strategy would be to use
a glyph just as he is going to hit you. This will allow you to avoid the
attack. Everytime you hit him he will activate the time switch. Try your 
best coz' this is a hard thing to do.

Once you hit him for the third time he will jump into the time portal.
Raziel will follow him. You face Moebius himself and the ending of this
awesome game.

After you have seen the ending head down to the note section.


• Gameshark

I got these codes through the forum and yahoo clubs. Tried it myself with
the Gameshark Version 3.2.

Now, here are the game shark codes from Game Shark Code Creators Club 
at http://www.cmgsccc.com/ 

     |                                              |               |
     | Infinite Health (Spirit Plain)               | 800D5674 86A0 |
     |                                              | 800D5676 0001 |
     |                                              |               |
     | Infinite Health (Material Plane)             | 800D5674 A120 |
     |                                              | 800D5676 0007 |
     |                                              |               |
     | Infinite Health (with Stamina Code)          | D00D56B0 0002 |
     |                                              | 800D5674 86A0 |
     |                                              | D00D56B0 0002 |
     |                                              | 800D5676 0001 |
     |                                              | D00D56B0 0001 |
     |                                              | 800D5674 A120 |
     |                                              | D00D56B0 0001 |
     |                                              | 800D5676 0007 |
     |                                              |               |
     | Max Stamina Level                            | 800D5670 0004 |
     |                                              |               |
     | All Forged + Special Abilities               | 800D5680 FFBF |
     |                                              |               |
     | All Glyph Abilities                          | 800CFDBE 03FF |
     |                                              | 800D5682 03FF |
     |                                              |               |
     | All 5 Pizza Pieces                           | 800D492A 0005 |
     |                                              | 800D492C 0005 |
     |                                              |               |
     | Infinite Glyph Power                         | 800D5688 0063 |
     |                                              | 800D568A 0063 |
     |                                              |               |
     | Shift Anywhere (note 1)                      | 800A5A7E 2400 |
     |                                              | 800B00C4 FFD0 |
     |                                              | 800B00C6 1000 |
     |                                              |               |
     | I believe I can fly (note 2)                 | D00D1058-0040 |
     |                                              | 800D55DA-0004 |
     |                                              | D00D1058-0040 |
     |                                              | 800D55E0-0001 |
     |                                              | D00D1058-0040 |
     |                                              | 800D5600-0006 |
     |                                              | D00D1058-0040 |
     |                                              | 800D5978-0005 |
     |                                              | D00D1058-0040 |
     |                                              | 800D57D6-00E4 |
     |                                              | 800D5604-0070 |
     |                                              | 800D5784-0001 |
     |                                              | 800D57DE-0030 |

Note 1: You don't need to be full health to try this. It will not work
if the plane doesn't exist (eg underworld)

Note 2: Press X to Jump and O to fly, you can direction pad to move 


• Note

To those of you to eager write back to me asking me what the #@$! is the
ending all about, forget it. Thats all there is folks. Yes the "to be
continued" is the only ending and no I don't know if there is a SR3.

It sure as hell looks like it. Anyway please vent your anger at the
forum stated below. My journey into the game was rewarding enough for
me. I hope you have enjoyed the game as much as i do.


• Credits

- Vamp228, Johan, Leo, Nemesis, Nohbody, Morrigan... 
  thanx for everything. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

- The best forum to this day regarding this game


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