Terminal Velocity Cheat Codes Version 0.5

Code               What It Does
TRIGODS            Toggles invincibility.
TRISHLD            Restores your shield.
TRIHOVR            Makes you stop/hover while firing.
MANIACS            Afterburner (and something else??)
TRSCOPE            Puts an oscilliscope on your screen. Joy.
TRIBURN            Gives you afterburner, speeds afterburner up.
TRFRAME            FPS ticker.  I only get 10-12 fps (25 or so in the sky)
3DREALM            Powers up lots, including all your weapons.
TRIFIR0            30 seconds of invincibility.
TRIFIR1            Gives you PAC ammo.
TRIFIR2            Gives you ION ammo.
TRIFIR3            Gives you RTL ammo.
TRIFIR4            Gives you MAM ammo.
TRIFIR5            Gives you SAD ammo.
TRIFIR6            Gives you SWT ammo.
TRIFIR7            Gives you DAM ammo.
TRIFIR8            Gives you afterburner.
TRIFIR9            30 seconds of invisibility.

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